Monday, October 26, 2015

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Baby Shower!

Friday, May 8, 2015

This post is very very overdue.  It should have been posted up around April 20th or so, but you know... Life gets in the way, especially being pregnant and everything moving at lightning speed.  That said... Here is an overdue post on my lovely and quick baby shower that my family threw for me!
This weekend was just over the moon for me.  Which I kind of hate, because when the reality of Monday hits… it hits like a ton of bricks!!  You feel me?  But anyway – where to start?

Last weekend family slowly started trickling in from the Big Island on Tuesday, and all that were coming were in by Thursday – but somehow I didn’t see them till Friday evening.  My cousin Micah was ordained as a minister through the Assemblies of God church and so his family came down to support.  Family - as in his wife, two parents, three sisters, brother-in-law, and four nephews and nieces, on top of the family already here.  And we all stayed at my house! It was jam packed, no doubt – but really, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  So Thursday night he was ordained, but obvs I was in bed early for work the next day, so I didn’t see anyone until I got home Friday evening.

On Saturday we took the kids to play glow in the dark mini golf out in Kaneohe.  It was a nice drive and I got to spend some quality time with my cousin, Kainoa, on the way over.  After mini golf and lunch I went a little overboard at Sears.  See what had happened was, there was a sale on Carter’s brand baby clothes.  We’ll leave it at that.  Since I was hanging out with my cousins, R decided to just let me chill with them and he took the bus home after work – WRONG MOVE!

After we got home I was in desperate need of a nap, which was an answer to prayer for all of my cousins.   We had a big family dinner that evening with another cousin from my Quintana family that was here from California as well.  My family kept asking me where R was and if he was coming. I was getting just a tad bit irritated because I told them a few times that he’d come up to the house when he was done doing his thing. Little did I know….

SURPRISE!! MINI BABY SHOWER FOR KELE!!  I was so embarrassed to say the least.  Come to find out my cousins were banking on me leaving the mall early to pick up R so that they could shop without me and pick up some things on my registry.  But since I was the annoying cousin who wouldn’t leave they had to come up with a Plan B.  So they were quite thankful that I was knocked out when they got home and they could wrap gifts and set them aside without me catching any wind of what was going on.

Needless to say it was really nice!  We played two games, and had a banana Chantilly cake after dinner.  And then of course the presents.  I’m still sorting everything out, but I did get the diaper bag I had put on my registry, a rock ‘n play sleeper, a tub that I meant to put on the registry and of course the cutest clothes you ever did see.  One thing I received that I didn’t request was a BEAUTIFUL Coach diaper bag from my cousin Keala and his girlfriend Lei.   I mean it would be Ludacris to return it, right?

This shower made it all the more real for me.  A couple family members felt baby kick last week, as did R for the first time.  People call her by name.  We just can’t wait to hold this little bundle of joy in our arms already.  Hurry up July!

After everyone left and things settled down we ended the night as we always do – with a bunch of garbage talking and games of cribbage and trumps.  We got a really late start though – so we were all a little delirious and the competitiveness was abnormally low, but it was still good fun!  It was a great weekend, and Sunday was just as amazing.  I am just at a really happy place in my life and I’m so thankful for every person that is in my life in this moment, right now.

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Week 29 Bumpdate

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Size of the Baby: Small Cabbage (17 inches, 2.9 pounds) (according to the What to Expect app)

Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds. Still at 16 pounds, thank the Lord!

Gender: Girl (click here)

Name: Violet Marie Makanamakamae Janel Badajos

Nickname: "CHALUPIE"

Sleep: Last weekend I finally got my new bed.  My cousin, Anela, and I switched beds because I needed something smaller and firmer.  R and Anela's brother switched our beds this past Sunday and I'm so happy I can finally roll over without being stuck in that super soft and comfy bed (which I kind of miss, no lie).  The switch isn't too bad.  I still wake up in the middle of the night to turn or use the bathroom, so things have been good.

Craving: Nothing really.  That's new!

Missing: Coffee.

Symptoms: I have to pee every single time I stand up.  It is so annoying!!!  Other than that I do get pains in my back and on my side.  I just kind of deal with it.  I walk slower now, lol.  It's kind of funny.  I waddle.  Oh well.

Looking Forward To: How about what I'm not looking forward too... which is glucose testing every day... I passed two of my blood tests and failed two for the three hour glucose test.  One fail was right on the line, the other fail was 6 points off.  I have to go pick up all my supplies for that this weekend. Yay me.

Best Moments: Picking up the stroller, car seat, play yard and rockaRoo for this lil girl!

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