Letting Go

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Easier said than done.
This I know from experience on both sides.
The one saying it, and the one hearing it.

You know you should let go.
You know you deserve better.
You know there is gold out there, other fish in the sea, more to life.
But still, easier said than done.

You know you're choosing to live a miserable life.
A life that isn't at its fullest potential.
A life that is meant to flourish, yet is being held down.
But still, easier said than done.

So for all the ladies (and men) out there that are having a hard time letting go...
In due season, when you're ready.
In the mean time, do you and follow your heart.
Never live life with regrets.

This is a post that is a part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, from the lovely Jenni.  Today's prompt is to react to this term, letting go.

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