Oh Canada! + June Round Up

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Happy Canada Day! (to all my Canadians)
My Dad was from Canada, so I'm happy to celebrate with all of you.
It's been 11 years since I have been there and I'm itching to pay another visit.

 Today I wanted to post some stats and re-live a few of my favorite posts from the past month.

Page Views: 893

Top 5 Posts:
 Top 5 Traffic Sources:
Top 5 Countries Visiting 91dash:
  • USA
  • China
  • Israel
  • France
  • Japan
My Top 5 Favorite Posts from June:
  • Stationery Inspiration - this was the first time I presented a collection in this manner with all the graphics combined into one picture and I really enjoyed it.
  • Sparked Creativity & A Men's Gift Collection - this was another collection that I really enjoyed putting together and all the creativity I found on Etsy that day.
  • Our Weekend at the Co-op and Fair -This weekend was so much fun and I really enjoyed myself.  CJ's endless smile at the fair was classic and I'll never forget how much fun he had.
  • 5 Do Not's For Your Father's Day Party -This post was a little daunting to me just because I'm usually not that sarcastic and I'm glad I didn't ruffle enough feather for someone to take it too seriously :)
  • Kaimana the Doxbull - I loved introducing everyone to my dog, I hope you were as charmed by him as I am every day!
xoxo, Aukele
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Friday Round Up

Friday, June 28, 2013

This week was quite eventful.  I hope your's was as eventful as you hoped it would be. Most excited that my Uncle Bob's Salts shop is advertising on Julie Ann Art this month!!

First of all, I just wanted to share some Blogging/Business Tips:
10 Great Etsy Sellers to Learn From
The Anatomy of Killer Content
5 Easy Ways to Write an eBook
3 Ways Paid Social Ads Can Make Your Content Explode

I'm so digging GREEN SMOOTHIES right now.

I'm super tempted to try out my green thumb and buy this little set from Project Pendant
Mini Windowsill Herb Garden Deluxe with FREE seeds included

The lovely Claire from A Little Claireification posted these amazing Fish Tacos featuring Uncle Bob's Salts.
Fish Tacos by ALittleClaireification.com #recipes #seafood #foodie @alittleclaire

I'm loving Chimichurri Sauce, especially this time of year.
Chimichurri sauce

I'm really excited to be apart of Melysa's Snail Mail Collective!!
The Snail Mail Collective

Last but not least, here is a fun Watermelon Pinata DIY from Oh Happy Day!

Disclaimer: Photos except for the first are not my own, rather owned by the links above the respective photos.
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Toodles Google (Reader) - 3 Ways to Follow Blogs

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm sure all of you know by now that Google is peacin' out.
There are several ways to follow me:

1. Bloglovin
2. The Old Reader
3. Feedly

These are all great choices, and it is a matter of preference.  Right now, I'm lovin bloglovin - but who knows is Feedly or Old Reader may start to develop apps that supercede Bloglovin (my primary venue to read blogs).  The one thing I do not like about the Bloglovin iPhone app is that you aren't able to comment through the app opposed to the site.  Can't have everything right??

Now I could write about how to change your readers so you don't have to re-subscribe and all that nonsense, but why? when tons of people have already done it??  Below are a few links to help you with all of that!!

Top 10 Reason why I'm lovin Bloglovin'
Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin'
Transitioning from Google Reader to Feedly
Best Alternatives to Google Reader
No More Google Reader: Part 2, The Old Reader

I hope these links are helpful for you to decide which reader you like?  If I were you I would transfer your feeds to a couple different ones then as you use them decide which works best for you!!

Happy Thursday! :-)

PS: Effortless Kids (the series) is coming back next week!  I don't want to push the content and want it to be worthwhile, so hold out a few more days - it'll be worth it!

xoxo, Aukele
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Kaimana the Doxbull

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is it Wednesday already??!  Lovely.
I just wanted to introduce you all to my dog, Kaimana.

Seriously, he is too cute for words!  Anyway.  He is a year and a half old  "doxbull" which is a pitbull and dachshund mix.  He has the infamous white chest of a pitbull.  The long and short (height) body of a dachshund.  The build of a pitbull (he's knocked me off my balance a few times).  His face is a little mixed, but mostly dachshund.  His personality is a mix between the two as well!  He rarely barks (which I love, because when he does, it is LOUD!)
First few days we had him - 8 weeks old.
Can I just side note right here:  As I'm writing this, he just fell asleep in his little bed and he is so cute!
3 months old
Ok. Back on track.  He has a ton of energy!!!  He can run run run run run!  Then as soon as he gets back home, he'll nap nap nap nap nap.  He loves to be loved on, but hates sitting in laps and cuddling.  Makes me sad! Lol.
Still growing
He definitely gets into things that I shake my head about (wood, a can if its accidentally left out, plants - thankfully nothing has hurt his tummy, though if I notice he may have gotten into something I usually give him a peanut butter sandwich to coat the stomach and even absorb sharp edges)  He only does it when we're not looking though.  Smart dog.  Food?  He knows not to jump on the table and the most harassing he does is to just sit very obediently in hopes we notice how "good" he is and give him a treat.

Getting a bath
When he was a baby he was scared of climbing down stairs.  I used to have to carry him down to take him on walks or to use the bathroom.  He got over that fear at about 9 months.  But he is smart.  He won't waste his energy going down the stairs if we aren't going to let him out, so he waits at the top waiting to see if you'll pull the leash out or not.  Of course all bets are off if someone rings the doorbell and he knows he gets to have a new friend for a little bit.
Tricks are hard.  Kaimana is a stubborn, stubborn fellow.  He has sit, down, come pretty down pack.  Teaching him anything further is difficult.  He could do roll over for a little bit, but doesn't like to and has a hard time doing it on demand, he is so concentrated on the treat.  I guess I should watch some dog trick videos on YouTube to help me out.
First Birthday collage.
He is a great dog!  Huge personality, momma's boy to the fullest.  He loves to be naughty, but loves to please at the same time.  Completely food motivated.

So that's Kaimana!!!  He is my little puppy wuppy was a boy!

xoxo, Aukele
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So lets take a moment from all the rowdiness that ensues from a kid's birthday party (yes, Claire, I'm talking about that dreaded Chuck E Cheese party) and lets imagine we're sitting in a rustic living room with big open windows letting in a nice breeze; relaxing on a comfy, white couch; with a barn style coffee table.  What coffee table books would you like to leisurely peruse through while sipping freshly brewed tea, mint lemonade or maybe a glass of Riesling?  Here are some of my favorites!
PS: These would make some awesome Hostess gifts!
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Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday yall!  
Hope your weekend went well :)  Mine did.  It was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation.
This weekend started off with a bang.
 We went to a party for my cousin's girlfriend's daughter at Chuck E Cheese.
The kids had an absolute blast.
My nephews slept over Friday night.
Then on Saturday we all went to iTrampoline Hawaii with their mom to let the kids play and jump.
They came back sweaty and tired.  Peeerrrrrfect!
After lunch I headed into work for a few hours while Chris and CJ went to his parents' to hang out and clean his motorcycle.  After work, I took advantage of the quiet house and caught up on some girl tv!  You know,  reality shows!
 Sunday was clean up day.  Laundry, vacuuming, organizing.  Late afternoon I took CJ to Ko'olina where we finished out the weekend in one of the hotel's lagoons.  It was a great weekend and this work week can bring it on because I'm ready to kick butt!!

How was your weekend? Link up with me at Sami's Shenanigans 

xoxo, Aukele
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Let's Have Coffee at Blue Tree

Friday, June 21, 2013

 If I invited you for coffee, I would ask you if we could meet up at the Blue Tree Cafe off of Kapiolani across the Blaisdell parking lot, right before Kamakee going east bound.
I love love love.. did I say love? I love this cafe.  The decor is rich and homey.  It feels like I could just hang out there all day (though I'm always there when I'm in a rush).  This cafe kinda makes me wish I lived in town, instead of all the way out in Ewa.
I've only had two drinks from this place - and I haven't even tried their coffee or espresso, but tell me - how do you pass up a fresh, raw smoothie or "just juiced" juice on a hot summer day in Hawaii?  Obviously I've succumbed to the smoothies.  I love there Very Verde smoothie (with honey).  It is a combination of kale, spinach, avocado, banana, apple, coconut water, hemp and chia seeds.  I also tried their Perfect Start Juice (Cucumber, Green Apple, Pineapple and Mint) which is so so so so refreshing.  I only wish they served it in a bigger cup so they could add ice and make it super ice cold!

So after I've coerced you into getting a Very Verde smoothie with Honey we would hopefully get a comfy spot right under these awesome bikes - just because.
I would tell you what's been going on at work.  I would discuss how I am slowly making moves to a healthier life but I really need to move to second gear because first is oh so slow.  I would also talk about my personal ventures and how that thing needs to go into like third gear - however I'm happy with my progress so far!  Slowly building.  Lastly I'd talk about the stress that is finishing my Certified Dietary Manager's Course on time.  bleh :)

Then we'd talk about you, and then about random things and the list goes on!
Have a happy weekend and I'll see you all back here Monday morning with another party collection post!
I'm linking up with Alissa's Coffee Date at Rags to Stitches.

Aloha :)
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Take the Express Train Straight to Hell

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five years ago I was in the midst of my final year in college, a full time job and taking care of Dad.  He had a fever from the night before and had gone to the clinic for it earlier in the day (only to be sent home).  Arriving to his house after work, I found him in what appeared to be soiled pants. 

Not sure on if he would be embarrassed of me seeing him with soiled pants, I was hesitant in entering his room.  A couple of seconds later, I got over that thinking to myself, “HELLO Aukele.  This is your job.  You are his caregiver.  His business (and all it entails) is your business.  Buck up!”  To my dismay, he wasn’t incontinent – he was laying in his own sweat.
Here I am, a twenty-one year old caretaker of my sixty year old Dad who has terminal squamous cell carcinoma; a weeping wound eating away his chin and neck area; a tracheotomy to help him breathe due to the tumor swelling his tongue so much that it sticks out of his mouth, pushed a couple of teeth out and blocks his normal airway; a g-tube for nutrition; and PICC lines.  
Once Dad realized I was home, he immediately garnered all the strength he could muster to get out of bed.  As I talked to him, he paced back and forth, sitting down and then getting up – disoriented.  I tried to ask him questions, but he was so disoriented he really couldn’t give me sound answers.  Finally, I realized I had to take charge.  I needed to be the parent, and he – the child.  I had Dad sit down, told him we were going to go to the hospital and proceeded to call 911.  They told me to try to cool him down with wet towels, obviously avoiding getting the water into the tracheotomy site, wound site etc.  When the paramedics came they had a slew of questions.  Why is his tongue swollen?  Why does he have a trach?  Why is he wet?
Can you imagine the stress?  I just kind of stopped them amidst there questions.  I had to relive each occasion again.  He has cancer and it is in his throat area.  The wound site is from the biopsy that never healed.  His tongue has swelled from the cancer and so he has a trach so he can breathe.  Also he has a g-tube so he can have a decent nutritional status.  And he has PICC lines in his right arm.  Just take him to Kaiser, and tell them he has a fever.
After they left I started packing his bag.  The essentials for a hospital stay.  Cell phone, charger, books, puzzle books, underwear, toothbrush, lip balm, glasses, etc.  If you’ve ever endured something similar to my situation you know what I’m talking about.
Once they had him on an IV and what not his temperature started dropping, but he still had a fever when I arrived and so they admitted him.  He was there for a week and was discharged with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER DISCHARGE – Dad’s fever came back.  Livid would be an understatement as to my emotions.
Come to find out, he had an infection in his PICC line.  They had to take it out, let it heal somewhat then re-insert it with nursing students. SERIOUSLY??
And this my friends, is just one of the horror stories I've had to endure thanks to cancer (may you see you're way straight to the pit of hell).

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Birthday Wishlist

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So I'm turning 27 in a few weeks... July 2nd.
I thought it'd be fun to curate a little wishlist of some things I adore.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm back with another family favorite recipe!!  Chili!  This isn't your ordinary chili either.  This is HAWAIIAN CHILI!  Now I know in the states yall like it hot and spicy.  While we still keep some heat, we like our  hawaiian chili a little more balanced with sweetness (per say).  You will love my Hawaiian Chili recipe because the flavor profile is balances and it is easy to throw together.  This chili is as simple as simple gets.  If you're in a rush you can skip the browning of the meat or sauteeing of the onion and just throw it all in a pot and let it simmer baby!  Bring on the recipe!
1 onion, chopped or diced (your preference)
1 pound of ground meat
1 package of portuguese sausage (linguica), sliced and halved or quartered (your preference)
1-2 15oz cans of chili or pinto beans (your preference)
1 can of diced tomatoes (optional)
1 Family Size Can of Tomato Soup
Garlic (to your heart's content)
2-3 Tbsp Chili Powder (to start with... add to your desired "heatness")
Water (use the can of tomato soup)

If you want to be fancy... saute your onions, then brown the meat.  If you need to... drain it.  Then add everything else to the pot and let simmer at least 20 minutes, if not longer.  If you're using the pinto beans without added chili sauce in the can you may want to drain and rinse the beans.  If the chili looks a little thick, you can thin with some water (use the can of tomato soup to get out the remnants of soup missed) or stock.  Also you can just add more tomato soup and then more chili powder to balance it out.  Remember.. it is easier to add heat later on then to cover it up.  Also note that if you use diced tomatoes, you will get some liquid from that too.

To see my other recipes from Instant Mommie, click here.
This post is a part of the Food and Recipe Collections.
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The 91dash Store!

Do What You Love Print
Slowly but surely things are coming along with this new blog and shop.
With that said, last week I opened a shop through storenvy.
Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls
Currently the shop has 8.5"x11" prints.
Down the line it will have cards, other stationery items and party accessories.
The goal of the shop is to support this blog's main focus which is parties and entertaining!
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger Print
Stop by the store and give us some love!

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Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, June 17, 2013

Today is my first time linking up with Sami's Weekend Shenanigans.  I miss the blogging challenge we did with Jenni at Story of My Life so I'm definitely going to bring more randomness and life posts into the blog.

On Friday night Chris and I hung out with is dad in the garage.  I brought homemade clam dip and chips and we listened to music, played bones (dominoes) and played some trivia.

Saturday was quite uneventful and mostly consisted of cleaning and watching movies (First Kid and The Dark Knight Rises).

Sunday was busy busy busy!  I got up early and headed to Safeway to pick up some food to make breakfast.  It was my Grandpa's 84th birthday, plus Father's Day.  On the menu?  Eggs Baked in Avocado served with Crostini, Tomato, Feta Cheese and Canadian Bacon.  Alongside Rolled French Toast that was stuffed with a combination of mixed berry cream cheese or peanut butter and topped with crushed raspberries and/or chocolate chips. I also made a Green Smoothie that consisted of a frozen apple banana, frozen peaches, fresh papaya (from the backyard), canned pineapple and fresh spinach.

We also had Cockett Cake (a box cake mix with our super secret family recipe for chocolate frosting).

After that I made up some Cheddar Biscuits and went to Chris' sisters' house to celebrate Father's Day with their family.  It was an exhausting day, and I totally could have used another day off!!

Happy Monday :)
Sami's Shenanigans
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Friday, June 14, 2013

As promised, in lieu of today's favorites round up we're doing a father's day theme!  Enjoy and happy Aloha Friday (I'm so ready for the weekend).

free Father's Day printables Paper & Stitch
Father's Day free printable
Father’s Day Questionnaire #fathersday #freeprintable
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