5 Do Not's For Your Father's Day Party

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

As much as we all love the cutsie decor we can find on Pick Your Plum and a ton of party supply shops online or possibly in the craft stores - do you really think that matters to Dad?  I don't!  Dad loves sports, tools, fishing, beer, recliners, darts etc.  So this post is all about the DO NOTs for Dad's Day!
Favor Bags and Paper Straw Party Kit- Yellow and Grey Paper Straws and Favor Bags
via Krazy Lady Supplies
Disclaimer:  Please do not take this to heart.  It is all fun and games.  And please don't listen to me if you know the Dad your celebrating loves these things.. It's all about him! And I adore the shop above and would highly encourage it for mother's day or any other day but father's day ;)!  Have a sense of humor!

1. Do not put out paper straws.
Dad doesn't really care for paper straws, and really if you put them out - you're just doing it for you.  Or for your blog post or instagram.

2. Do not use streamers.
This isn't a kids birthday, its a day for fathers!

3. Do not use mason jars for cups.
Ok, unless he is country - go ahead, but who is this party for now??  Don't worry I have a good replacement in mind!

4. Do not come up with a theme only to post it on your blog.
I think this one speaks for itself.

5. Do not decorate with paper doilles, lanterns etc.
This is for a male... a man... a macho person... a provider..
He probably doens't need paper doilles and lanterns!
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