5 Tips for a Father's Day Party

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yesterday I talked about things you shouldn't do when throwing a party for Father's Day.  As promised, today I'll go over some tips to make the special guest(s) the proudest and most happy fathers around!

1. Base your theme off of something that he enjoys.
Hobbies, music, collections.  Does he love country music?  Does he collect beer mugs?  Does he love golf?  What is his all-time favorite sports team?  These are great themes to play off of.

2. Decide on your menu.
Keep in mind you want to try keeping Dad from working his own party.  If you can't throw down on the barbie, get out that crockpot and make some tender bbq deliciousness that way!  If you can come up with a menu based off the theme.. GREAT!!  If you're having a hard time, there's nothing like whipping up his favorites, or finding recipes to mock his favorite restaurant items (Fried Pickles anyone?).  PS: Switch out the popular mason jars for all the beer mugs he collects!

3. Decor.
Bring out some of his golf balls to decorate the table, or sports posters from his man cave.  He probably has everything you need to have the right amount of decor right in his "space!"

4.  Keep him engaged.
Come up with some games that he would enjoy like a beer tasting game, bag toss, horseshoe etc.  Drinking games never hurt nobody either (if they are into that).  Let him live a little!  He'll love you a whole lot for it.

5. Bump his music all day long!
Use spotify.  Curate a station on Pandora.  Actually buy songs off of iTunes or create CD's out of the music he already has.

Enjoy celebrating him! 

Tomorrow I'll be posting some fun ideas from pinterest and elsewhere around the web for some last minute DIYs, decor/printables.  Stay tuned!

Please enjoy the pictures below.  I threw my boyfriend a Steelers themed birthday for his 29th and was able to snap some pictures (don't mind the iPhone 4 pics!).

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