Kaimana the Doxbull

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is it Wednesday already??!  Lovely.
I just wanted to introduce you all to my dog, Kaimana.

Seriously, he is too cute for words!  Anyway.  He is a year and a half old  "doxbull" which is a pitbull and dachshund mix.  He has the infamous white chest of a pitbull.  The long and short (height) body of a dachshund.  The build of a pitbull (he's knocked me off my balance a few times).  His face is a little mixed, but mostly dachshund.  His personality is a mix between the two as well!  He rarely barks (which I love, because when he does, it is LOUD!)
First few days we had him - 8 weeks old.
Can I just side note right here:  As I'm writing this, he just fell asleep in his little bed and he is so cute!
3 months old
Ok. Back on track.  He has a ton of energy!!!  He can run run run run run!  Then as soon as he gets back home, he'll nap nap nap nap nap.  He loves to be loved on, but hates sitting in laps and cuddling.  Makes me sad! Lol.
Still growing
He definitely gets into things that I shake my head about (wood, a can if its accidentally left out, plants - thankfully nothing has hurt his tummy, though if I notice he may have gotten into something I usually give him a peanut butter sandwich to coat the stomach and even absorb sharp edges)  He only does it when we're not looking though.  Smart dog.  Food?  He knows not to jump on the table and the most harassing he does is to just sit very obediently in hopes we notice how "good" he is and give him a treat.

Getting a bath
When he was a baby he was scared of climbing down stairs.  I used to have to carry him down to take him on walks or to use the bathroom.  He got over that fear at about 9 months.  But he is smart.  He won't waste his energy going down the stairs if we aren't going to let him out, so he waits at the top waiting to see if you'll pull the leash out or not.  Of course all bets are off if someone rings the doorbell and he knows he gets to have a new friend for a little bit.
Tricks are hard.  Kaimana is a stubborn, stubborn fellow.  He has sit, down, come pretty down pack.  Teaching him anything further is difficult.  He could do roll over for a little bit, but doesn't like to and has a hard time doing it on demand, he is so concentrated on the treat.  I guess I should watch some dog trick videos on YouTube to help me out.
First Birthday collage.
He is a great dog!  Huge personality, momma's boy to the fullest.  He loves to be naughty, but loves to please at the same time.  Completely food motivated.

So that's Kaimana!!!  He is my little puppy wuppy was a boy!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. First of all...thank you for your sweet comment today!! It made me smile! Secondly, I just commented on a post saying how much my girls want a dog...and these puppy posts aren't helping...I am slowly starting to cave!!


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