Wednesday, June 5, 2013

 Happy Wednesday!  I’m glad its downhill from here as far as the work week goes!

Just a little sidenote - I'm still feeling the reprecussions from Jenni's challenge in May.  What do we talk about now??

I’ve been making moves towards a healthier lifestyle and first up, DIET!  Not as in following one, but as in thinking about what makes up my diet and how it can be improved.  Farmer’s Markets are my new best friend. 

Earlier this week I shared my Mediterranean Millet Salad and there is more where that came from lined up in the next couple of weeks.
So lately, I’ve been on a toast kick, well scratch that, I think it’s more like a toast topping kick!  It all started from A Beautiful Mess' post, "Let's Talk about Toast."  This post stuck to me so much, I even mentioned it over at Instant Mommie (my former blog).
On the left you have smashed avocado, roma tomato and hickory salt.  On the right I present melted mozzarella string cheese, balsamic glaze, roma tomato and basil.  So fricken good, right?  After the mozza, I decided to try cream cheese and that was better than the string cheese.  I have to give the mozzarella another try once I get my hands on some real mozzarella.

So I've been loving all the fresh toppers on my morning toast, and for some reason cutting it in half makes it last longer!  It is a great start to my morning that usually costs roughly 4 weight watcher points (for those of you doing WW), maybe 6 if you add a boiled egg for a good protein source.  PB 2 with Banana would be amazeballs, although it isn't quite original cause who hasn't had a peanut butter banana sandwich?  But just to give it some variety, I think tomorrow I'm gonna go sweet and do some nutella and banana slices.

What have you been up to lately?

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