Let's Have Coffee at Blue Tree

Friday, June 21, 2013

 If I invited you for coffee, I would ask you if we could meet up at the Blue Tree Cafe off of Kapiolani across the Blaisdell parking lot, right before Kamakee going east bound.
I love love love.. did I say love? I love this cafe.  The decor is rich and homey.  It feels like I could just hang out there all day (though I'm always there when I'm in a rush).  This cafe kinda makes me wish I lived in town, instead of all the way out in Ewa.
I've only had two drinks from this place - and I haven't even tried their coffee or espresso, but tell me - how do you pass up a fresh, raw smoothie or "just juiced" juice on a hot summer day in Hawaii?  Obviously I've succumbed to the smoothies.  I love there Very Verde smoothie (with honey).  It is a combination of kale, spinach, avocado, banana, apple, coconut water, hemp and chia seeds.  I also tried their Perfect Start Juice (Cucumber, Green Apple, Pineapple and Mint) which is so so so so refreshing.  I only wish they served it in a bigger cup so they could add ice and make it super ice cold!

So after I've coerced you into getting a Very Verde smoothie with Honey we would hopefully get a comfy spot right under these awesome bikes - just because.
I would tell you what's been going on at work.  I would discuss how I am slowly making moves to a healthier life but I really need to move to second gear because first is oh so slow.  I would also talk about my personal ventures and how that thing needs to go into like third gear - however I'm happy with my progress so far!  Slowly building.  Lastly I'd talk about the stress that is finishing my Certified Dietary Manager's Course on time.  bleh :)

Then we'd talk about you, and then about random things and the list goes on!
Have a happy weekend and I'll see you all back here Monday morning with another party collection post!
I'm linking up with Alissa's Coffee Date at Rags to Stitches.

Aloha :)
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