Our Weekend at the Co-op and the Fair

Monday, June 10, 2013

This weekend was uncommonly busy!  Weekends that we have CJ we usually do something fun on Saturday and take it easy on Sundays – but we were out and about both days!  I guess it was semi-due to having tomorrow off for Kamehameha Day!

Friday night I was going through my Instagram and I stumbled on the @thecoopshop account.  It is an instagram account for The Independent Aloha Co-op that was going to be held on Saturday.  It seems the co-op is done once every quarter/season.  Saturday’s was the summer edition.  Instantly I knew I was going to go and ended up bringing along my boyfriend and his son; his sister and nephew.  We enjoyed it.  There were about twenty different local shops that were vendors, at least five of them were jewelry shops (Pineapple Hut).  I was looking for shell jewelry which is the hottest thing in accessories in Hawaii right now.  I picked up a pair of hoops with puka shells on them, opihi shell studs, and assorted shell bobby pins.  My mom couldn’t come, so she had me pick up a pair of puka shell hoops as well, and a pair of clear beach glass hoops.  After checking out the different vendors (there was also assorted clothing shops, knick knack shops, organic hats shop, photography vendor, baby clothing shop, etc.) we got some kettle corn from Da Kine Kettlecorn and shaved ice from Tat’s!

On Sunday, Chris and I took CJ to the fair, and it was an absolute blast.  CJ was in heaven, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Hawaii doesn’t have the best state fair for various reasons, but we had fun!  The pig race was the cutest thing ever!  The food was great!  CJ has his usual cheeseburger with lettuce only, french fries and a fruit punch, while Chris and I had steak plates with roasted corn (topped with old bay, garlic and parmesan).  While CJ was on his last couple of rides we enjoyed funnel cake and a deep fried brownie which was interesting.   All in all it was a great day and all the smiles below can’t explain the day any better!

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