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Thursday, June 6, 2013

It is so refreshing to happen upon an etsy shop and get your own creative juices jolted.  Granted, it was easy to “happen” on this shop since it was featured on the home page of etsy, but still… It’s exciting to happen, stumble on, find a shop like that.

John’s shop, Urban Brewery, offers home brew kits for every kitchen space.  He even offers supplies to go with the kits such as stock pots and fermentation jugs.  Now I'm not a beer drinker, but from the logo, to the product photos, to the descriptions - I was sold!  I just love this shop, though I don't have any use for it... but Chris does!
1 Gallon Beer Kit with 2 Grain Recipes / Brewery in a Box
via Urban Brewery
This inspired me to put together a collection of handmade gifts for men that you can give to celebrate them on Father’s Day (coming up), a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other accomplishment and Christmas (in the distant, yet it always sneaks up on us – near future).  These gifts would also be great for a host of a party or for the husband/boyfriend of a house warming party.
1 Gallon Deluxe Beer Kit with 2 Grain Recipes
via Urban Brewery
Uncle Bob's Seasoning Salt - Original
via Uncle Bob's Salts
Charcoal  Soap, Men soap,  Activated Charcoal Soap  - All Natural Soap, Vegan Soap, Unscented Soap, Handmade Soap, gift for men,
via Right Soap

Bermuda Rough - iPhone 5 Dock for Golfers and Golf Fans
via Tree House Oasis

Small Cutting Board With Handle Wood Serving Tray Rustic Man Cave Kitchen
via Gray Works Design

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