The Right to Choice

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today is my first day back to work from my mini vacay.  In lieu of that, I thought I'd share a post that I did on my previous blog for the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (don't you guys miss that??)
I don't usually talk about my 9-5 on the blog - but this challenge has just brought out all kinds of things from me.  So onward!

I work in the healthcare foodservice industry - more specifically in long term care.  Lately, we have been experiencing a culture change here with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaide Services) - not only affecting dining, but the entire experience in long term care settings.


The whole message behind the culture change is resident-centered; resident-driven dining.  Are we ignoring a resident's right to eat what they want, because it is important for a 95 year old to be on a strict low sodium, low fat diet?  I think a 95 year old should be able to eat whatever he or she pleases.. and guess what!?  So does CMS.  If I make it to 95 - I definitely will not be told what I can and cannot eat.

Part of the culture change includes offering choices and accommodating resident's likes and dislikes as much as we can.  It is my duty to help educate residents, families and at some times doctors on the benefits of a liberalized diet for our kupuna (seniors).  I rather my resident enjoy small portions of his favorite foods, than lose weight because he doesn't want the food that is served to him.  Not only is this right to choice in regard to restrictions on types of food, but the texture as well.  Lets face it, pureed foods and ground foods are not the most appetizing.  We all know that everyone (to some degree) eats with their eyes.
In conclusion.. us 'youngins are living to eat; whereas our kupuna are eating to live.  MAJOR DIFFERENCE! I think that's all we need to know, to know that liberalization is the best choice for them to have healthy nourishment.  After all, they aren't dining at Heart Attack Grill or anything like that.

Besides coordinating the dining experience in health care at my job, I also conduct a customer service training for all employees in the company.  Throughout the year we all attend an annual training (a whole work day) where we talk about sexual harassment, OSHA, workplace violence, blood borne pathogens, etc.  This year, I (and the dining manager) had the pleasure of creating (and presenting) the training material for CUSTOMER SERVICE... wooh! finally putting that Marketing degree to good use :P (just joking).  That is pretty cool, and when I found out I was "nominated" for the job, I was quite honored that they would entrust such a big task to me and the dining manager.

Lastly, I am a member of a professional network here, in Hawaii, in which we provide hands on experience to college students.  Currently I offer interviews and tours and also provide opportunities for students to role-play job interviews and I give critiques.

So that is me and my 9-5 in a nutshell!

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Pt. 1

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

As you may know, my little family took our first trip together to Hilo, Hawaii over the weekend for a family wedding.  It was such a blast and I have so much to share.  Today, though - we're just gonna share the first part of day 1 of our trip.

Hilo is about a 45 minute plane ride from Honolulu, we left at about 6:15am and got there around 7am.  First stop was to Hawaiian Style Cafe (mom, aunty and Grandpa tagged along as well) for some breakfast.  A mixture of lack of sleep and hunger didn't allow for glorious pictures of food!  But I was able to snap a pic of my and Chris's plates.  Let me just say that their servings are HUGE!!!  I should have shared a plate with CJ, but now we know :)  My mom had a bacon omelete with pancakes; while gramps and aunty split a blood sausage with rice and pancakes plate.
Next we stopped by Walmart to pick up those inevitable necessities we forgot to bring along - then it was off to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  If there was one word I had to use to describe this experience it would be breathtaking.  The countless scenic views, taking in nature's beauty and just being in awe of God's creation.  It was spectacular and something my family will never forget.
photo via
The steam vents were a ton of fun!  Last time I was here I saw them, but never stopped to actually check them out.  I was so surprised when I stuck my head over the railing and got a wet whiff of hot air all over my face.  It was nice though - it was cold up there in the 60's.  After that we went to Jaggar Museum to see the Halemaumau crater and learn about volcanology.  They have a bunch of artifacts from the volcano - from different types of lava (a'a and pahoehoe) to volcanic glass.  You could even touch some of the specimens.  The kids enjoyed the seismographs the most as they had an active station in which a seismograph recorded your jumps.  My nephew, Josiah, recorded the biggest jump out of all the kids (under 10).  Tomorrow I'll share pictures of the lava tube and Chain of Craters Road.  Please enjoy the pictures below of the steam vents and outside of Jaggar Museum, and make sure to return tomorrow for the continuation of our trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park!

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Weekly Wishes

WOW WOW WOW!!  I meant to post this yesterday, but man did I need a couch potato day!!  So I  definitely got through the week.  I didn't get to do EVERYTHING I needed to get done, but nothing that would be detrimental.  I missed sending out my snail mail collective on time (but Annalee and I are on the same page so we're okay!).  I also missed sending out the Out of Box Sampler that I wanted get out before I left.  Good news are BOTH ARE IN THE MAIL NOW!  Out of everything that happened last week, what I'm most proud of completing was FINISHING MY DIETARY MANAGER COURSE!  Now all I need to do is pass the national exam in October :)

This week's wishes are to get out orders in a timely manner and to get in the gym at least once this week.  I really need to start that.  I think that getting in the gym will encourage me to eat better.  And we all know that losing weight is 80% what you eat; 20% working out.  I think the working out will really encourage me to eat better which is the more important thing!
Did you reach your goal's last week?? Join me and link up with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective

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ROUND UP: Party Favor Boxes

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Aloha Friday all!! RIght now I'm somewhere between Honolulu, Oahu and Hilo, Hawaii (the Big Island).  We'll be spending the weekend there to attend my cousin's wedding.  This is Chris and CJ's first time to the Big Island so it'll be exciting!!

This week's round up is featuring some fun and "out of the box" party favor boxes that I found on Etsy!  I hope you enjoy it.
DISCLAIMER: All photos belong to Etsy shop owners, links listed below photos.

Printable Vintage Suitcase Favor Box/ Gift Box Template Kit from Paper Built
Vintage Suitecase Favor Box from Paper Built Shop

Clear Favor Boxes with Mint Green Scallop Bands - Set of 25
Clear Favor Boxes with Mint Scallops from Tableau Party
10 Tiffany Blue Inspired Favor Boxes
Tiffany inspired Favor Boxes from Party Gurl Shoppe

ice pop -  party favor boxes and gift card holders printable PDF kit - INSTANT download
Ice Pop Party Favor Boxes from Claudine Hellmuth
Retro Oven - party favor box, cupcake box, gift card holder -  A Printable PDF kit - INSTANT download
Retro Oven Party Favor Boxes from Simply Everyday Me

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Birthday Challenge: Do a Painting

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This year I started my first birthday challenge.  I have 27 things that I want to accomplish while being 27.  I'm knocking one off the list today!

Do a Painting

Lately I've been playing with watercolors and WOW - it is so therapeutic!!  Now, I'm no painter, but I'm definitely enjoying it and possibly you-tubing some techniques!??  I realize that I treat the paintbrushes as if they were make up brushes - I don't know if this is wrong or right.  I came up with this little phrase on a day where I was completely caught off guard and really just needed to remember to breathe the rest of the day.  I loved my doodle that I did so much, that I translated it with watercolors.

I am enjoying this painting in my bathroom (that has the worst lighting ever!, with no access to windows for natural light - gasp, a blogger's nightmare - so I moved it for the pic)!!

This painting I did - to send to my Cara Box recipient this month!!

Do you like to play with watercolors?  I found a new creative outlet that I hope to learn more about.  See you tomorrow for a fun round up of something cute and small!!

xoxo, Aukele

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5 Elements to Throw a FABULOUS Party!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So you want to be a party hostess superstar???  Then this post is for you.  We're talking 5 versatile items to invest in to build up your party collection so that you can throw together great parties quickly and easily.

I specifically picked out these items because they can be easily accented by your chosen party theme!  Think colors, patterns, characters and the list goes on!!
Mason Jars
   Dress these lovelies up with ribbon or bakers twine to color coordinate with the theme. You could also
   stick in coordinating straws or straws with straw flags as well. 

birthday chalkboard frame

Chalkboard Frame
   Completely versatile and fun!  I think this is just an excuse for adults to play with chalk again, but come
   on this trend is here for a while - and hello (totally) reusable for many parties to come!  This is a
   winning idea in my book.

Outdoor_partyA Colorful Summertime Back Porch Party 11
White Party Lights
   Keep it classy white, or add some flair.  It is totally up to you!!!  The sisters from A Beautiful Mess
   have some really fun ideas for sprucing up lights!

White Serving Platters
   Though I would love to find wooden boxes to refurbish and all kinds of different things to display food,
   quite frankly, I don't have the space to store all those items.  Keeping classic white platters are a great
   starting point because you can always decorate the food by adding color with cupcake liners, or
   toppers to create a fluid look and stay with the theme of the party!

Clear Beverage Dispensers
   Don't hide your pretty beverages in an orange cooler, show them off with clear beverage dispensers.
   They add color to your table - and may even challenge you to create beverages that fit the them of
   your party!!

What other party elements are must haves for you, to make your party collection complete?

 Photo Credits:
    Perfectly Planned | Ucreate Parties | A Beautiful Mess | Giggles Galore | Oh Happy Day

RECIPE: Summer Popsicles (&& a birthday challenge)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gosh darn it has been getting hotter and hotter this month.  What better way to cool off with POPSICLES?!?!?!  I don't know why I waited til I was 27 to make my own, but alas.. here we are!!  I wanted to share this yummy, scrumdidliumptous post with all my readers that I shared on JAA last week!!  So here we go :)

I should have been knocking on wood in late June - bragging about how lovely the weather has been this summer in Hawaii.  Little did I know it would be as hot as Hades the first week of July!  

Enter summer popsicles here!  I've enjoyed seeing all the different flavor combinations in blogland and wanted to create some of mine own to share with you (plus it is on my birthday challenge list)!  Lately I've been on a health kick and have been really trying to incorporate a clean and fresh diet into my lifestyle.  Today we're doing two flavor combos - Straw-Melon Balsamic and Tropical Green Tea.
We're gonna use (what I like to call) the triple P popsicle method.
1. PUREE your fruit/ingredients
2. POUR the puree into the molds
3. POP the molds into your freezer

Get it? Got it?  Good. Easy peasy, right?
Straw-Melon Balsamic Pops
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of watermelon
Sweetener to taste (I like honey!)
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

I had a strawberry balsamic vinegar on hand - so I was lucky enough to use that!

Tropical Green Tea Pops
2 cups of tropical frozen fruit
1 cup of brewed green tea
Sweetener to taste (again, I like honey!)

For the tropical fruit, I use a mix from Target that has banana, mango, papaya and peach. [FREEBIE: frozen fruits are equally, if not more nutritous than fresh fruits because frozen fruits are picked at it's peak ripeness and flash frozen to preserve all of its nutrients - opposed to a mango sitting on a boat to Hawaii from Mexico] So I wouldn't lose the tea flavor amidst the fruit, I brewed a strong (3 tea bag) cup!

Again, use the three P popsicle method: Puree, Pour, Pop!
*its okay if your puree is chunky, it gives the popsicle character!


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Weekly Wishes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Woohoo!!! I met my goal last week.  I reached out to four different people to offer consulting services and two responded.  I've already started working with one girl that I've known online for a few years and it is really exciting for the both of us!  Hopefully this week I'll get started with another girl as well.  This trial period is really helpful because I'm honing on how to package my services;  i'm learning how much work goes into certain aspects of it so that I can charge appropriately;  and realizing some tools that I should develop before hand to make it more efficient for the client and myself.  If anyone is looking to start up a business, a blog or would like a website review please contact me - I'd like to take on two more people to help me develop my consulting services!!

This weeks' goal is to GET THROUGH THE WEEK!  Is that even a goal?? Well, Melyssa didn't say it couldn't be, so it is!!  I have SO MUCH on my plate this week.  I have two assignments (lengthy ones at that) that need to be turned in; a test to take; etsy orders to fulfill; sampler order to fulfill; a blog to keep up with (and the social media that comes along with it); work; cleaning; shopping for a wedding outfit; packing for a trip (we leave on Friday to the Big Island) is the list long enough yet??  Here's to keeping my head above water and not being a full fledged "unpleasant" person to be around!! :)

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I just wanted to apologize that I had to be your caretaker when you were sick.  I wish we could have afforded the money to have someone take care of you.  At twenty-one years old, it’s a tall order to be a sole caretaker, and I tried my best to hold everything together, as much as I could for you.   When you’re twenty-one, the thought never crosses your mind about having to take care of your parents at that age.

I’m sorry for the times I got frustrated with you.  I’m sorry for the times we were irritable with each other.  I’m sorry for the times I was lazy and didn’t want to go to the store for you.  I’m sorry for not keeping the house tidy for you – I should have taken that upon myself.  I’m sorry for not showing more care – I know you knew I did, but I could have done more.  I’m sorry for being rude at times, when I should have shown kindness.

Thank you for still loving me through it all. I know that you understood the place I was in – and that sometimes it was the only way I could deal with certain situations.

Thank you for choosing to go with hospice in your last month of life.  For giving me the opportunity to be your daughter again, because somewhere in that last year, we lost that relationship and all I wanted was to be able to have it back again.  I will always always love you for that.  I know you wanted to go home, thank you for being selfless; letting others help to care for you and ultimately letting me be your daughter again.

I love you,

This is a post that is a part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, from the lovely Jenni,
and was originally posted on my former blog.
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Weekend Love

Saturday, July 20, 2013

 1  |  2  |  3

Fun ideas for a bon voyage themed party.
10 ideas for small spaces!

How to Stay Cool this summer! No AC needed.

Put these bad boys on the grill for a perfect summer appetizer!
Take the popcorn and sleeping bags outside for a night!
Put together a successful container garden.
Make a quick DIY Picture Frame.

Get the low down on the summer's business reads from Sarah at SillyGrrl.
Check out these tips from Chelsea to help you take better pictures with a DSLR
Erika put together an AMAZING list of blogging articles from other bloggers!

PS: Check out my guests posts from this week at Jessica Who (giveaway included) and Julie Ann Art!

Disclaimer: Photo collage was created by me, using various blogger's works.  Credits given below the photo in order from left to right.
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ROUND UP: nautical theme

Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been struggling with this post.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  Even the layout can change from week to week.  This week I'm putting an end to it.  This will not be a random round up series.  Rather a place to show off handmade artists and shops.  Round ups will be themed so at least there will be some uniformity to it!

This week we're talking Nautical!  At Wifessional's the Cara Box theme this month in Nautical.  So lately I've been on a NAUTICAL hunch, and this today I'm sending out my cara box to a special lady, I figured I spread more nautical love on the blog (there may or may not be a nautical themed party post coming to 91dash soon!!)

Enjoy all the NAUTICAL inspiration :)
I Think Naut, Nautical Knot Headband Your Choice of Color
nautical headbands
NAUTICAL Birthday/Party Favor Sugar Cookies
sugar cookies

Red Anchor Nautical Stationary - Set of 6 cards and envelopes
nautical stationery
Red Anchor Wall Hook - Nautical Decoration - Painted Wall Decor
nautical wall art

Nautical Anchor Burlap Banner
nautical burlap banner
DISCLAIMER: Pictures are not my own.  Pictures belong to the links below each individual picture.
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RECIPE: Seasoned Edamame [+ A GIVEAWAY]

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey all!! Today I'm hanging out on Julie Ann Art (go check out my popsicle recipes!)

On Monday I guest posted for Jessica at Jessica Who? and today I'm sharing the post with my readers as well.  We're talking edamame! (or soybeans) We're creating a dish that is flavored with a local style Asian sauce.  This is a favorite snack in Hawaii.  It is SO popular, that it is offered (instead of bread) at Roy’s Restaurant (a popular upscale restaurant from the islands) as your drink order is taken.

You’ll love this simple recipe because each layer of flavor blends beautifully together and it is a tasty pupu (or appetizer) that graces dinner party tables and Football Sunday snack tables alike.
2 cups soybeans, cooked (follow package directions)
1 tsp sesame oil
2 cloves garlic, finely minced (or grated)
1/2 tsp ginger, skin removed and finely minced (or grated)
2 tbsp shoyu (soy sauce)
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 jigger of fish sauce (Tiparos)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

In a prep bowl (or other small bowl), mix the shoyu, water, rice vinegar, fish sauce brown sugar and pepper flakes.  Heat the sesame oil in a small pot or saucepan over medium heat.  Once heated, add the garlic and ginger and let cook for 1-2 minutes.  Keep the garlic and ginger moving to avoid burning.  Add in the shoyu mixture and stir often until the sauce reduces to a glaze, about 5-7 minutes.  You can simmer for a shorter or longer amount of time based on the preferred consistency of the glaze/sauce.
Toss the sauce together with the soybeans and serve.  Serve hot or cold.
If you think you can handle the heat, add in a 1/4 tsp (extra) of red pepper flakes, your mouth (my mouth) was BLAZING HOT!!
Guess what?  On Jessica's site we're doing a giveaway as well!! So head on over and enter to win a fabulous Hawaiian Care Package curated by yours truly!! :)

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

oh hey everyone!  this post originally appeared on my previous blog, but i wanted to share it today so all my NEW readers can get to know me a little better!!  enjoy :)
love love love these boys (nephews and CJ!)

- hearing my iPhone “cha-ching” me to alert me of a new etsy saleI hate to do this, but when I read Lenora’s ten things over at Yellow Heart Art, I just had to include this into my ten things as well.

- photo appsspecifically PicTapGo and Over 

- hawaiian foodI mean seriously, the best cuisine ever! Melt in your mouth squid luau, lomi salmon all mixed in the poi – I better stop now before I turn off the English and turn on the Pidgeon (local slang). 

- dominoesin particular, beating my boyfriend , especially since he was my teacher. 

- zumbamakes me feel like I’m a professional dancer (&& I need to get back into that stat!) 

- rainonly when I’m not working and am at home in bed or on the couch watching a movie with Chris. 

- grilling at the beachlife can’t get much better than that right, a few burgers and ‘dogs, cold tricks, sunshine and ocean – life is definitely good at that moment. 

- winning contestswho wouldn’t want to score some extra ‘dough – or a free trip to Vegas? 

- puppy loveI love coming home to kisses from my doxbull, Kaimana.

- completing a level on candy crushnow days I can be stuck on a level for weeks at a time (currently on level 147).

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PARTY THEME: geometric

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Geometric. It is super trendy right now.  Artists are incorporating it in every way possible!  Clothing, Decor, Jewelry, Housewares - and the list goes on.  I've curated a group of all things geometric to give you some ideas on elements to incorporate if you want to throw a geometric themed party.  Geometric decor (1);  food trays (2); hanging ornaments (3); cake molds (4); banners (5); decorative pillows (6) and hello to geometric pinatas (7)!!!  And of course sandwiches can be cut in geometric shapes as well as melon and other food items!!  You can really take it to the extreme with this geometric "shape" party theme.  Also - Jenny at Hank & Hunt has this great tutorial on diy triangular confetti!!

created with Fuzel Pro and Phonto phone apps

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Weekly Wishes

Monday, July 15, 2013

 Happy Monday everyone!  Last week's wishes were to incorporate more healthy lunches.  While all lunches weren't healthy - I did much better than the week before.  More than anything I worked on portion control, but my ultimate goal is to bring homemade, healthy lunches.  While this will be an on-going goal, my goal for this week is to talk with prospective clients for my start up consulting business and to organize this business a bit more.  If I could pull of a little website that'd be even more amazing!!

Do you want to be in business for yourself but don't know where to start?? Email me

PS: I totally forgot to mention that I did do a DIY this week, but it isn't blog worthy?!  So I'm working on it!! :)

Now on to this weekend's shenanigans!  One thing happened this weekend.  BBQ, BBQ AND MORE BBQ!!  We had such a great time bbq all weekend.  One night we did korean chicken and veggies; another night we did burgers and dogs; and on Sunday night we did ribs, kebabs, chicken.. seriously the whole nine!
The hit of the weekend was definitely the s'mores.  We all enjoyed them (adults included).

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Shop Update

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sharing some new product today that has been listed in the 91 DASH shop!  Both of these are $10 each, printed, as are my other prints.

Once is Enough Print
I love this quote by Mae West!

Just Dance Print
Sometimes, you just gotta throw your hands up, and dance in the rain!!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Studio DIY (as if that isn't apparent from Friday's post).
Simply Scratch (I've loved her blog for a while, but this week I've really been digging in!)

Change your cell phone's wallpaper with Lenora's freebie and tutorial.
Take the Caprese challenge.
Do a dip!

Why Hello Google Analytics (part one)
How to Make Money Blogging
How to Prepare and Run Your Business Anywhere (even from a bike)
The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Disclaimer: Photo collage was created by me, using various blogger's works.  Credits given below the photo in order from left to right.
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