10 Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

oh hey everyone!  this post originally appeared on my previous blog, but i wanted to share it today so all my NEW readers can get to know me a little better!!  enjoy :)
love love love these boys (nephews and CJ!)

- hearing my iPhone “cha-ching” me to alert me of a new etsy saleI hate to do this, but when I read Lenora’s ten things over at Yellow Heart Art, I just had to include this into my ten things as well.

- photo appsspecifically PicTapGo and Over 

- hawaiian foodI mean seriously, the best cuisine ever! Melt in your mouth squid luau, lomi salmon all mixed in the poi – I better stop now before I turn off the English and turn on the Pidgeon (local slang). 

- dominoesin particular, beating my boyfriend , especially since he was my teacher. 

- zumbamakes me feel like I’m a professional dancer (&& I need to get back into that stat!) 

- rainonly when I’m not working and am at home in bed or on the couch watching a movie with Chris. 

- grilling at the beachlife can’t get much better than that right, a few burgers and ‘dogs, cold tricks, sunshine and ocean – life is definitely good at that moment. 

- winning contestswho wouldn’t want to score some extra ‘dough – or a free trip to Vegas? 

- puppy loveI love coming home to kisses from my doxbull, Kaimana.

- completing a level on candy crushnow days I can be stuck on a level for weeks at a time (currently on level 147).

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  1. Grilling on the beach? That sounds like heaven.

    1. It so is!!! You need to do it... and smores!


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