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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

     I've been waiting quite a few months or so to do this post.  Inspired by the lovely Elise, this year, I'm going to do put it out there for everyone to see that these are the 27 things I want to accomplish while being 27.  As I do them I will post it to the blog and cross them on my list.

    PS: Check out this year's wishlist!

    So.. HAPPY 27TH TO ME!  Let's make it a good one :)
    1. Dip Dye DIY
    2. Chalkboard Project
    3. Open a Consulting Business
    4. Full Party Post
    5. Make Donuts
    6. Party Stationery Set
    7. Wedding Favors
    8. Go on a Hike
    9. Make Popsicles
    10. Take a Trip
    11. Visit a new Beach
    12. Vegetarian for a Day
    13. Yarn Project
    14. Juice Day Challenge
    15. Do Something Daring
    16. No Sweets/Soda Week Challenge
    17. Christmas Craft
    18. Do a Blog link up
    19. Homemade Gift
    20. Take a Train Ride
    21. Tshirt Refashion Project
    22. Do a new Water activity
    23. Make a drawing
    24. BBQ Cook Off
    25. Do a painting
    26. Go to a festival
    27. Create a t-shirt
    As you can see this post is a mix of things that are goals for my blog, health challenges, creative challenges etc.  I hope this may inspire some of you to do the same!!

    This post is a part of the 27 in 27 series.
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    1. I missed this one!! {it's been a crazy week} so HAPPY HAPPY 27th!! What a great list and can't wait to hear all about each one as you cross things off your list this year!!


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