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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Me in a lil bonnet with my gorgeous momma for my 1st birthday luau
I'm Aukele and I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  I was born in 1986, and I just turned 27 last week on July 2.  My parents were never married, and I am an only child.  Growing up, I always wished an older brother would come walking into my life (a boy my Dad never knew he had before he met my mom!).  That ship has sailed. 

maybe about 3 years old with my mom, dad, uncle mark and aunty lilia
 I went to private school my entire life, including college where I attended University of Portland, in Oregon for two years and finished out my schooling at Hawaii Pacific University.  Currently I hold a BSBA in Marketing and am completing a Dietary Manager's Course through the University of North Dakota's online program.

Higher Faster Stronger team (bottom row, 2nd from right)
During my grade school years I enjoyed playing piano, singing, acting, playing volleyball and had a couple of stints in weight lifting, paddling, shotput and discus.  I also started working when I was 16 at my dad's office being the best GOPHER ever.  That lasted for 6 years until I started working in long term care.
May Day at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (standing row, sharing middle, in the green)
Family is very high on my priority list and I love to spend time with them.  One of our very things to do is to be COMPETITIVE (well most of us anyway).  We do this a number of ways, but some of our favorite ways is by playing card games (ie: Cribbage and Trumps).  We also play Taboo, Cranium, Loaded Questions, Apples to Apples and some other fun games.  And that's all she wrote.
Portland Pictures
**this post first appeared on my former blog, Instant Mommie, as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. I am re-posting this on my new blog for new followers to get to know me.**

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