PARTY THEME: geometric

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Geometric. It is super trendy right now.  Artists are incorporating it in every way possible!  Clothing, Decor, Jewelry, Housewares - and the list goes on.  I've curated a group of all things geometric to give you some ideas on elements to incorporate if you want to throw a geometric themed party.  Geometric decor (1);  food trays (2); hanging ornaments (3); cake molds (4); banners (5); decorative pillows (6) and hello to geometric pinatas (7)!!!  And of course sandwiches can be cut in geometric shapes as well as melon and other food items!!  You can really take it to the extreme with this geometric "shape" party theme.  Also - Jenny at Hank & Hunt has this great tutorial on diy triangular confetti!!

created with Fuzel Pro and Phonto phone apps

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  1. Oh this is soo pretty. I just love the bright colors! xx

    Allie /

    1. Thanks Allie! I enjoyed putting it together

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