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Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been struggling with this post.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  Even the layout can change from week to week.  This week I'm putting an end to it.  This will not be a random round up series.  Rather a place to show off handmade artists and shops.  Round ups will be themed so at least there will be some uniformity to it!

This week we're talking Nautical!  At Wifessional's the Cara Box theme this month in Nautical.  So lately I've been on a NAUTICAL hunch, and this today I'm sending out my cara box to a special lady, I figured I spread more nautical love on the blog (there may or may not be a nautical themed party post coming to 91dash soon!!)

Enjoy all the NAUTICAL inspiration :)
I Think Naut, Nautical Knot Headband Your Choice of Color
nautical headbands
NAUTICAL Birthday/Party Favor Sugar Cookies
sugar cookies

Red Anchor Nautical Stationary - Set of 6 cards and envelopes
nautical stationery
Red Anchor Wall Hook - Nautical Decoration - Painted Wall Decor
nautical wall art

Nautical Anchor Burlap Banner
nautical burlap banner
DISCLAIMER: Pictures are not my own.  Pictures belong to the links below each individual picture.
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  1. Hey Aukele! Thanks for saying hello! Those nautical ropes belts are gorgeous. I needed one today with the dress I was wearing. Great blog! :)

    1. Aren't they!!! I want to figure out how to make em like Chelsea below!

  2. oh i love those headbands! i would love to make one this summer!

  3. Fun!! Pinning! I guess my beachy theme that I posted is a little different but I am definitely a "sea-faring" girl and just love all of this so much!!

    1. OH I need to check out your round up!

    2. Ha - my comment was confusing. I just meant all of my beachy patio stuff I've been posting. Now I am inspired to work in some anchors!! :)


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