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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today is my first day back to work from my mini vacay.  In lieu of that, I thought I'd share a post that I did on my previous blog for the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (don't you guys miss that??)
I don't usually talk about my 9-5 on the blog - but this challenge has just brought out all kinds of things from me.  So onward!

I work in the healthcare foodservice industry - more specifically in long term care.  Lately, we have been experiencing a culture change here with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaide Services) - not only affecting dining, but the entire experience in long term care settings.


The whole message behind the culture change is resident-centered; resident-driven dining.  Are we ignoring a resident's right to eat what they want, because it is important for a 95 year old to be on a strict low sodium, low fat diet?  I think a 95 year old should be able to eat whatever he or she pleases.. and guess what!?  So does CMS.  If I make it to 95 - I definitely will not be told what I can and cannot eat.

Part of the culture change includes offering choices and accommodating resident's likes and dislikes as much as we can.  It is my duty to help educate residents, families and at some times doctors on the benefits of a liberalized diet for our kupuna (seniors).  I rather my resident enjoy small portions of his favorite foods, than lose weight because he doesn't want the food that is served to him.  Not only is this right to choice in regard to restrictions on types of food, but the texture as well.  Lets face it, pureed foods and ground foods are not the most appetizing.  We all know that everyone (to some degree) eats with their eyes.
In conclusion.. us 'youngins are living to eat; whereas our kupuna are eating to live.  MAJOR DIFFERENCE! I think that's all we need to know, to know that liberalization is the best choice for them to have healthy nourishment.  After all, they aren't dining at Heart Attack Grill or anything like that.

Besides coordinating the dining experience in health care at my job, I also conduct a customer service training for all employees in the company.  Throughout the year we all attend an annual training (a whole work day) where we talk about sexual harassment, OSHA, workplace violence, blood borne pathogens, etc.  This year, I (and the dining manager) had the pleasure of creating (and presenting) the training material for CUSTOMER SERVICE... wooh! finally putting that Marketing degree to good use :P (just joking).  That is pretty cool, and when I found out I was "nominated" for the job, I was quite honored that they would entrust such a big task to me and the dining manager.

Lastly, I am a member of a professional network here, in Hawaii, in which we provide hands on experience to college students.  Currently I offer interviews and tours and also provide opportunities for students to role-play job interviews and I give critiques.

So that is me and my 9-5 in a nutshell!

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