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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey Everyone -
Happy Monday!  Before getting into the nitty gritty I just wanted to welcome my new Bloglovin' friends that have joined this past week.  Thank you :)  Come say hi, and welcome to 91dash.

The weekend was very relaxing.  Friday night was very quiet and I got to work on my About Me page (that I had been wanting to do all week).  On Saturday I enjoyed a nice morning with my mom.  We had breakfast and got pedicures (typical mom and daughter Saturday morning date, right?!).  After that my boyfriend, step son and I hung out at Laulani Center in Ewa Beach eating lunch at Teddy's Burgers and perusing Ross, Petco and City Mill (a local hardware store).  After that the boys went swimming and I met up with my aunty and mom for dinner at  Japanese BBQ place and it was (out of this world delish!)  I need to feature them in an upcoming Hawaii post.  Sunday consisted of a morning swim and vegging on the couch (though I did muster the energy to make some bomb.com popsicles that I'll be sharing on Julie Ann Art later this month).

How was your weekend? (Link up with Sami's Shenanigans)

Last week's weekly wishes didn't go over so well.  In hindsight - what was I thinking making a health goal on my birthday week, let alone stick a holiday right in the middle of it??  So this week my weekly wishes are to start incorporating healthy lunches into my diet (still going strong with breakfast); complete my about me section of the blog; and to either do the DIY I've been wanting to do for forever - or to get down to business with my new consulting idea.
What do YOU wish to accomplish this week?  Link up with Melyssa!  I'll be there.
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  1. Those are solid weekly wishes! I'll hop on the wagon with you and also try to incorporate healthy lunches into my week!

    1. Thanks!! Yah - tomorrow I'm having some greek style Cowboy Caviar (posting the recipe on the blog as well tomorrow). Hope you check into that!

  2. Good luck! I hope you do your DIY- I tend to let those sit at the back of my mind for a year or two before I ever actually complete them.

  3. The About Me section is so hard to do I think! I would rather write ten regular blog posts!

  4. I'll join you on healthy lunches, too. It'll save me money from going to eat every day during my lunch. :)

    Good luck on your goals!

  5. Good luck with your goal! Mine didn't go so well last week but hoping this week does!


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