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Monday, July 22, 2013

Woohoo!!! I met my goal last week.  I reached out to four different people to offer consulting services and two responded.  I've already started working with one girl that I've known online for a few years and it is really exciting for the both of us!  Hopefully this week I'll get started with another girl as well.  This trial period is really helpful because I'm honing on how to package my services;  i'm learning how much work goes into certain aspects of it so that I can charge appropriately;  and realizing some tools that I should develop before hand to make it more efficient for the client and myself.  If anyone is looking to start up a business, a blog or would like a website review please contact me - I'd like to take on two more people to help me develop my consulting services!!

This weeks' goal is to GET THROUGH THE WEEK!  Is that even a goal?? Well, Melyssa didn't say it couldn't be, so it is!!  I have SO MUCH on my plate this week.  I have two assignments (lengthy ones at that) that need to be turned in; a test to take; etsy orders to fulfill; sampler order to fulfill; a blog to keep up with (and the social media that comes along with it); work; cleaning; shopping for a wedding outfit; packing for a trip (we leave on Friday to the Big Island) is the list long enough yet??  Here's to keeping my head above water and not being a full fledged "unpleasant" person to be around!! :)

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  1. Woah! I think surviving the week is definitely a worthy goal! Go for it! Just hink how you would eat an elephant - one bite at a time...

  2. Hey that is totally a-okay! I think getting through the week is pretty important. I hope your week goes smoothly and everyone is super kind to you! Hugs! xx

    Allie / callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  3. A Perfect goal! Getting through the week can be rough sometimes with so much to do, but its all worth it in the end. Awesome job on getting the work for yourself too!

  4. You'll get through it just "keep swimming!" And congrats on nailing last week's goal and how awesome that you are getting to work already! You have the next 7 days to be a rock star so get it!

  5. Getting through the week definitely counts, seeing the things you have to do. Good luck and enjoy, hmmm...And don't worry about a thing. (I've got a song in my head right now, I'll keep it to myself)


  6. Love your Weekly Wishes! I think getting through the week definitely counts, especially when it's YOUR WEEK! Holy moly, girl! Do you ever slow down?!

  7. Sounds like a big pool of list to check this week! I can already imagine the sense of satisfaction that comes with it. Good luck!

  8. That's so awesome you're starting your own business! Lately I've been thinking about starting up my own business, but I realize that I'm not very talented in anything *sad face* oh well! I have my blog that I love doing :) Oh my gosh, good luck with your week! It sounds like it's jam packed! Remember to take a breather every now and then so you don't get overwhelmed! You can do it!

  9. Ha I should have used that for my goal this week too! This week has been a doozy! Congrats on your consulting business getting off the ground! I'm sure some more clients will be heading your way soon :)


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