Finding Your Passion: PRESENT MOMENT

Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome back to the Living Your Passionate Life series.  I'm so excited you stopped by today.  If you're new to the site or series... #1) Welcome! #2) Check here for past posts.

Last time we talked about finding your passions, we talked about the past (your story, up until now).  Yes, it may have been a little deep (it's okay to be real with yourself)!  There will be none of that here today, as we're talking about the PRESENT MOMENT!!  The now.  This moment, right here!

The best thing about this is that you're probably (in some way or another) doing your passion without even knowing it.  Yep!  It's true.  The kicker?? Is putting two and two together and realizing it.

So lets get to that worksheet down below!! (Oh, you like that?? I came armed and ready today didn't I?!)

1) List the things you love!
  • Current things you love to do?  List it in the worksheet above.
  • Hobbies you don't have much time for?  List it in the worksheet above.
  • Do you "OCD" on certain things?  You know the drill, list it in the worksheet above.
  • Constantly doing something you're complimented on?  Such as make up? a blog series? cooking? List it above.!
2) Write down the cons.
Do you need more skills?  Are you doing what  you love, but in the wrong setting?  Lack of time?  Money? Not an "expert"?

Ok Aukele, feeling REAL GOOD right now, where are you going with all of this??

3) Find a Resolution!
Find a resolution to make it the ULTIMATE situation for your passion to thrive.

Say you get compliments on your make-up all the time and you would like to do freelance, but need experience.  Take a class!  Go to cosmetology school!  Do make up on a bunch of your friends and take pictures for a portfolio!

Say you love copywriting, but not when you're doing it for the real estate office you spend your 9-5 in.  Work towards doing freelance copywriting.  Find other ways to do what you love

Say you "OCD" on feng shui, but rather not go into client's (stranger's) homes, because you're not fond of germs (hey no judgement here!)  Take your feng shui expertise online and become a guru writing e-books for people to use so they can feng shui their own homes (DIY feng shui)!

Sarah - one of my, unbeknownst to her, mentors shares how she took her love of design out of the corporate world and into business for herself, here.  Check it out.

Jenni from Story of My Life shares how everyone has a "thing" (passion), even if it's, "uncultivated or discovered yet."  And this, we'll be talking about in the next installment of the Living Your Passionate Life Series.  Have an amazing Monday!!

xoxo, Aukele

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  1. That's a really cool series! I was just reading this at the moment, but going to read the older post as well soon :)

  2. Once again, this is a great post! I love that you have a "resolution" step- the part I always get stuck on (as in, I never think about it, or think it is unattainable for me). I'm excited to read the next installment!

  3. Hey Sandra!! Thank you :) It is a great series that have been helping quite a few people :)

  4. Yeah - I think it is important to find them, instead of settling! I am a firm believer in solutions and tend to push people to think out solutions themselves when they have problems (in my professional life) :-)


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