Saturday, August 24, 2013

With some dear college friends somewhere in downtown Seattle.
Next week all the lovely undergrads are back in school at UH (Univ of Hawaii) and so ensues the treacherous traffic for my morning commute.  YAY!  In celebration of what I've been dreading all summer, I thought I'd repost my guest post at Kayli Wanders for all of you lovely undergrads!!

The idea that everyone makes $40k+ a year straight out of college... sorry guys, not gonna happen (and here is why)...
They don't make resume classes mandatory: To this day, I am still looking for ways to re-work my resume and make it look the most appealing.  It would have been really great if it were a mandatory class to take senior year of high school (or at least an elective) and definitely freshman year of college (with a possible "test out").  Lessons I've learned thus far?  Years ago, it was preferred to have your resume all on one side of a sheet of paper.  Now days, it is a full on marketing advertisement of yourself [game board resume] Also - you have to tailor your resumes to each individual job.  A school principal will not care about your housekeeping skills.
They don't teach you the value of networking:  I don't know if this just went over my head in high school or college, but I totally missed that one.  So I am definitely playing catch up and it doesn't help that I am notoriously shy when meeting others.  Networking is pretty vital.  If I didn't have the gall to introduce myself to the last presenter in my senior marketing class that the professor brought in to speak, I wouldn't have the job I have today.  And I pretty much don't know where I'd be because the business I worked at prior to my current employer closed up shop last year.
They don't stress the importance of internships:  My best friend from college, Ally, and I were just talking about this.  Only during our last semester or so in college when we started looking at "real" jobs did we realize that school is nice (its important), but guess what trumps school... EXPERIENCE.  This is the one thing I would change if I could re-do my college education. Internships internships internships.  We look at some of our close friends from college that are rollin' in the dough all due to their internships during school and the opportunity those internships presented to NETWORK.
You don't realize these are your last years of "the carefree life": If you're in college now, you may have some responsibilities - but most likely it is nothing like what it'll be like once you're done with college.  Time and time again I wish I could go back to that carefree way of life where we didn't worry about food for the house, making sure we have hot water and child care for children.  So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it now!!  I cannot reiterate how much you should soak it up and live it to the fullest as much as you can!! (That one doesn't apply to the $40k a year, but you know - I had to throw it in there).

xoxo, Aukele

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  1. All these things are 100% true!! I took a business communications class last semester where she ripped our resumes and cover letters apart in front of the class and helped rework them. To this day they still scare me, but they would scare me more if not for that class!

  2. Well, I'm still in college, but I totally agree that these are super important things to consider when going through college. Networking is a big one and I think it should be definitely something that people need to learn about as well. Another one is being able to work as a team with different people. Often you have to work with people who you don't like or agree with. It's one of those things that you have to decide if the job is worth it, and sometimes it really is.

  3. Haha!! Dang I wish we had that!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  4. Dang I like that one!!! Yes - add it to the list!!! Teams is definitely a struggle for me. In college I would dominate them because I didn't want my name on something that I didn't feel was 100% my best work (which has its pros and cons). Even at work, sometimes I rather just do something myself because I can be assured of the quality! SO now we know there are always places for EVERYONE to improve, and this is one of mine :).


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