How I Fell IN and OUT of Love with Justin Timberlake

Friday, August 16, 2013

Anyone who knows me, knows I had a SERIOUS obsession with the lovely,
Justin Randall Timberlake.
I was his #1 fan.
I knew (obvs) his full name, birthday (1/31/81), birthplace,
parents names among other things I'm too embarrassed to further admit.

Here are 5 ways I fell IN and OUT of love with the
best boy band member of the 1990s and 2000s.
(I'm still biased, as I'm sure all 20 something adults still are! I hope??)

1) This Tearin' Up My Heart Video

This was my favorite part of this music video, and you better know I re-wound and played that ish a few hundred times (yes, the days of recording every glimpse of N Sync on tv with my VCR)!

2) Need I Say More?
 You know every time they did the above all the girls squealed (sorry, but oh - Lance and look at JC's facial expression) Lol.

3)He's a Total Goofball!

And I probably watched this Disney Concert a million times.

4)Flat Out SEXY

JT you can wink at me anytime!

5) I thought he finally got rid of that girl I loved and
loved to hate (cause she had my man) - Britney Spears

and then... I FELL OUT of love with him because...

1) He's Been in an Insane Asylum

Ain't nobody got time for that.

2) Then This Donkey had to Rock the Cradle

I still kinda dislike her (she's been kinda unforgiveable ever
since she married Julia Robert's best friend)

3) Turn Off

4) Clearly He Has Issues Letting Go!

5) Who Can Compete with Mila Kunis?
I mean ok.. maybe I'll just settle for a fling??

 **Please realize this post is all in fun and not anything serious.  I still kinda love him.  No, but really - I really want to push/challenge myself with creativity and humor.  Every Friday on a local radio station here in Hawaii, they do Stupid Joke Friday.  While I'd love to share the funnies I hear - most of them are racial types of jokes (Hawaiian, Samoan, Japanese, Portuguese, - we tease them all - mostly because we're a mixing pot ourselves)  which most people probably aren't fond of .  Anyway - I thought I'd share the same joy they share with all of us in a creative way, once a week - preferably on Fridays. I hope you all enjoyed it and got a good laugh!!  Happy Weekend.

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  1. You are so silly! I have to say--I still love 90s boy bands music. Not ashamed! I even listen to Hanson's new album; they're my crushes! xx

    Allie //

  2. hahahaha I love JT's music but I could never go to a concert or watch a music video of his for the reasons you listed above!

  3. Haha! My boyfriend will play it on Pandora a couple of times a week. He is always amused that I know the title of the song, band and most likely album within the first bar of the intro music, lol!

  4. Hey Abby! Yeah - I've been a fan since the beginning. I'm not crazy now - still love his music and support most of the things he does and I seriously would NOT MIND meeting him still :) It'll be closure for my childhood celebrity crush!! Thanks for reading.

  5. hahhah! Totally! I have had a love-hate thing with JT too! I hated the movie Bad Teacher- and I had big hopes for him to break out in the movies after being so hilarious on SNL. What do you think of his new album? I bought it but actually haven't even listened to the whole thing yet.

  6. Found your blog through Nectar Collective.

    JT is HILARIOUS. I love him. Egh, not a fan of Cameron Diaz either.

  7. Tracks #1 and #7 are my fave. It isn't like his two other albums where I know all the lyrics of each song by heart but its still good. He is releasing the 2nd part of the album soon. I'm still excited about it.

  8. Hey Jasmine! Welcome. I want to like her, but I can't. Like who "effs" with Julia Roberts and gets away with it!? And then steal my man.. c'mon!! haha

  9. I thought I had already commented on this!! But i wanted to say: WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSON? HAHAHAHA I feel like I could have totally written this... from the moment of falling in love with him in that Tearin' Up My Heart video and BEYOND. Not gonna lie, I have been missing me some NSYNC-era Justin. But rumor says that NSYNC will reunite at the VMAs and if this is REALLY going down, then I will be the happiest person alive and start saving my pennies to see any kind of reunion tour they have because I MUST GO! :)

  10. Bahaha!! Yes girl!! N Sync sisters. Everyone once in a while I get into a little zone where I play all the old school music. My bf loves to put on the Pandora N Sync or Backstreet Boys stations and he tests me to see if I know the name of the song and artist. He hates when I get it within the first bar of the music and the musical intro hasn't even finished!! Haha.. You know I'll be there!! They only toured once in Hawaii (1999) so I'm so due for some N Sync lovin' lol!

  11. Hahaha! That game sounds pretty good and fun!!! I am so glad I got to see NSYNC one last time. At least their brief performance provided closure! :)

    Stay //\\//SYNC!


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