*N SYNC Needs to REUNITE at the VMAs - a song tribute

Thursday, August 22, 2013

HERE WE GO N Sync! Ever since you all have parted I kept saying to the media, JUST DON’T TELL ME THAT.  I thought if any fan was going to put them back together, IT’S GONNA BE ME.  But then, Justin told the group BYE BYE BYE
to do a solo gig, and then everyone else went to DO YOUR THING and before we knew it THE GAME IS OVER.   
THIS I PROMISE YOU – at the slightest hint of N Sync GIDDY(ing) UP at the VMAs to sing SPACE COWBOY (ok, maybe not the best song choice); all of us, fans, let out squeals, cheers, hurrahs of joy!
when BSB and 98 degrees are BRINGIN’ DA NOISE and we’re all UP AGAINST THE WALL waiting for the best boy band to POP back into the scene. 
Right now, those BSB, 98 Degree and NKOTB fans are truly THE GIRLs WHO HAVE EVERYTHING! 
Now, all of the N Sync fans are on the DIGITAL GETDOWN,
 JC humping the floor during Digital Get Down on the No Strings Attached tour for Anon.
downloading your albums to their smartphones in hopes that we’ll witness the reunion of our lifetimes.  

Dearest N Sync - I JUST WANNA BE WITH YOU  for one more night.  We’re not even asking for a tour – although that wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Just one night, it doesn’t have to be THE TWO OF US but all of your GIRLFRIENDs, scratch that, fans, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

And for the record, Justin, IT MAKES ME ILL how Britney cheated you. 
because without a doubt, YOU GOT IT.  I’m glad you finally admitted THAT GIRL WILL NEVER BE MINE and that I’LL BE GOOD FOR YOU (ok, maybe Jessica Biel will have to suffice).

But for real boys, we can SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU, and we know you all like to be original, not follow the trends and do things in your own time (let alone some of you can be weird about your CELEBRITY status) – but please stop being SELFISH, seriously U DRIVE ME CRAZY.

Unfortunately I JUST GOT PAID last Wednesday

and it all went SAILING to bills, but believe me, I would give EVERYTHING I OWN to see you all FALLING from the ceiling as an entrance to your VMA reunion performance.  

I’m so CRAZY FOR YOU to come back together its TEARIN UP MY HEART
that you guys have been GONE for so long.  What it comes down to is that there will never be SOMETHING LIKE YOU guys ever.  Simply put, I WANT YOU BACK. 
 I NEED LOVE.  Please TELL ME, TELL ME…BABY, ARE YOU GONNA BE THERE?  If not – THAT’S WHEN I’LL STOP LOVING YOU and you'll really be *N Sucks (yah I went there, and I'm totally kidding) (ok maybe we won't stop loving you, we'll always love you, can you just live up to all this hype happening and doing a reunion at the VMAs?  It's not too much to ask.  We haven't really complained that all the other girls have watched their fave boybands reunite, but now its our turn!)


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  1. Hahahaha, oh my goodness I am so glad you incorporated the Twitter convo into a post! Genius.

  2. I just couldn't help myself! Lol! It was fun, albeit a bit challenging!

  3. So I commented myself instead of replying: I just couldn't help myself! Lol! It was fun, albeit a bit challenging!

  4. I am PRAYING that this happens!!

    And hahahahaahahaha... this is intense in the best way.

  5. You don't know how long it took me to figure out where to place all those songs, but it definitely took some major brain work! When I posted it I thought, "Oh some people are going to think I'm cray cray," but that's ok! It's all in good fun!

  6. Well, it definitely is a masterpiece and shows that you are keeping it NSYNC (especially when Justin couldn't!)
    So (dirty)POP quiz:

    1. Who was your fave back in the day?
    2. Fave album?
    3. Fave song from each album?
    4. Any concerts?
    5. Most intense thing you did as a fan? (Besides this awesome post!)

  7. 1. Justin (hands down)
    2. No Strings Attached
    3. Giddy Up, Under My Tree, It's Gonna Be Me, Something Like You
    4. They only did their first tour here back in 1999, but I watched the rest on TV and liked the No Strings Attached Tour
    5. Hmmm - maybe this tops it. Its hard living in Hawaii. Wasn't like I could road trip to NY to hang out at TRL. Haha.. Let's just say I would track their every TV moment and religiously record them on my VCR! What about you?

  8. 1. I was sooooooo so so so in love with Justin. By FAR! (Which I think is why I take his NSYNC-snubbing so personally!)
    2. AH! This is so hard!! I'll go with the first one, though: NSYNC
    3. I Want You Back, UNDERMYTREE!!!, It Makes Me Ill, and Just the Two of Us
    4. Loved the TV in concert specials and I got the chance to see them 4x in concerts and man, they know how to put on a show. The NSA tour was my fave!
    5. Haha, it's pretty much the same. And I also created an intense fan site for Justin back in the day, hahaha!


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