RECIPE: Fried Rice

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In Hawaii, Fried Rice is something you grow up on.  It isn't just served at Chinese restaurants (which I never buy from because I can do it better), but served everywhere.  There is definitely a local spin to it that is fluid at most places that sell fried rice in Hawaii (excluding Chinese and some Asian restaurants) and that is the combination of shoyu (or soy sauce) and oyster sauce.

Today I'm sharing my INFAMOUS recipe for fried rice and I hope you try it out because it is DELISH!!

PS: It's been forever since I've done a recipe post!!

4-6 cups Rice, cooked and cold (make it the night before)
Shoyu (to taste)
Oyster Sauce (to taste)
3-6 eggs, slightly scrambled
1 can of spam, chopped
1 Portuguese sausage (linguica), sliced into rounds and quartered
Frozen Peas and Carrots

I find it much easier to make this, if I do some prep work a day ahead.  That way I just have to throw it all together.  If possible, cook your rice the night before then just throw that bad boy in the fridge.  Then (even though the two meats above are already cooked) give it a little time in the pan to crisp up.

Once those two are taken care of get out a wok and add a little oil to it.  Add in your rice and break it up.  Add in some shoyu and oyster sauce to taste.  (REMEMBER: its easier to add than to take away).  Taste it and adjust according to taste.  Shoyu is obviously salty and oyster sauce has salt but gives it a hint of sweetness and balances it out. Then add in your meats and slightly scrambled eggs.  You want the eggs to finish cooking in with the rice.  Once everything is completely heated through finish it off by adding the frozen peas and carrots and let cook until they are competely thawed out.  Garnish with green onion and serve as a side dish!

You could also use this as a filling for an omelet or add in some kim chee to kick up the flavor!

Let me know if you try it!!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Mmm, I love fried rice! I wasn't even aware how to make it myself, going to give this one a try :)

  2. Yes yes yes you should!!!! It is really simple and full of flavor. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. I love friend rice! Looking at these pictures is making me want to go make it right now! Yum! Lots of Love, Bee.

  4. yum yum! I want it immediately. Except minus the spam :)

  5. Aw thanks! Yes it is so Ono (delicious)! I took it to a potluck and my pan was wiped out!!

  6. Hehe! I guess spam is something you have to grow up on, and everyone in Hawaii does. Heck they even serve it for breakfast McDonald's and Burger King! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great Thursday!

  7. I actually liked spam for a while but I no longer eat meat :)

  8. oohhh!! Well that explains alot! You could totally swap out the spam and sausage for tofu and extra veg!


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