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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Sunday all!
So I haven't done a round since my trip to the Big Island.  I meant to post this on Friday, but felt a little more inclined to post about finding the positive in losing loved ones or experiencing something like that.  Before I missed an entire week, I thought this may be fitting as a Sunday post - plus pay day is a few days away!!  Today I'm sharing some of my favorites etsy finds from my home state, HAWAII!  You know - need to support the SHOP LOCAL movement.  Enjoy :)

Gold Plated Wire Earrings, Puka Shells, Puka Shell Earrings, Shell Earrings, Hawaiian Earrings, Hawaiian Shell Earrings
Puka Shell Earrings by Pupukai Creations

Hand painted Silk Scarf. Mothers Day Gifts. Mango Yellow Orange Silk Scarf Hanabi Flowers. Spring Fashion. Silk Chiffon Scarf. 7x50 in.
Painted Silk Scarf by Takuyo

Double Starfish Mermaid Barrette
Starfish Mermaid Barrette by Heavenly Sea

Vanilla Mango Hand or Body Soap
Vanilla Mango Soap by Passion Moon Potions

Flea Cone Necklace by Puka Kisses Hawaii

Mermaid Tail by Once Upon a Mermaid

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  1. I love those earrings! Etsy is the best! ;)

  2. For sure! I have a couple of pairs like that. Shell earrings are super trendy right now in Hawaii and in high demand in the form of bangles and necklaces as well!


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