Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do you blog?  What methods do you use?  Me?  I'm an iPhone blogger.  I use the blogger app to start drafts when ideas pop in my head; and I use my iPhone camera to take 99% of my pictures.  

Majority of my pictures are edited with apps that are downloaded to my phone as well.  I even find it easier to make collages on my phone than picmonkey or Photoshop psd templates.  Call me crazy!  We'll save the latter for another post, but today I wanted to share my top 5 photo editing apps!!
Snap seed my favorite "basics" photo editing app.  What I mean by basics is that it isn't just a filter app.  You can sharpen, blur, tune, and a whole sleuth of things.  They can really help bad photos, even straightening them out.

All hail Pic Tap Go!  This is my most used app purely because of the genius filters.  This app is great to add in extra light, or the contrary and has a ton of other filters.  Nine times out of ten I run my pics through the basic filters (Lights On, Auto Color, Contrast) just to see if my pictures can be better than with the light I originally took them in.  You can adjust the filter strength as well which is nice.  I love love love this app and it is so worth the measily whatever it was I paid for it.


3. Phonto
I think that this was my first text app.  I still love it.  I love the stroke feature where you can outline the text (why can't we do that with all text apps bewilders me).  This app is still very much used since you can add in your own fonts that you've downloaded on your computer which is a great great GREAT feature :)

4. Over
Oh OVER!  Your font selection is amazing, even though we have to pay a dollar here a dollar there.  I developed my love for Windsong with you and somehow I caught on to the whole combo of bold cap lettered words with hints of beautiful script through this app!

FuzelPro is my fave collage app.  There are so many different fun and funky selections as well as frames and borders.  You can also cut your own collages which is way cool.  Now if only we could create free form lines - that would be way cool!!

click here

So these 5 apps are critical to the success of my blog because without them my pictures would be dull, or it would take me long to push out content because I'd have to get them from the phone to the computer, then into photoshop for editing.  Ugh, just thinking of that gives me a headache!!  So... TRY IT OUT.  It won't hurt nobody!!

xoxo, Aukele

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  1. Great suggestions! Fuzel looks like one I definitely have to look into :)

  2. I hadn't heard about the other ones, but I am loving Over!!! :) And I've also pretty much abandoned my digital camera to the point that I have *no idea* as to where it is (and it's been that way for months).


  3. Awesome! I'll have to check them out. I just found Over a few days ago and immediately shelled out the two bucks for the extra fonts and to take off the watermark. I love Over! I also use VSCOcam a lot. It's free, has amazing edits and filters. Although, I did buy a bunch of extra filters when they were on sale about a month ago. BUT if you haven't tried it, I would definitely recommend it. =] Thanks for the suggestions!!


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