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Monday, August 5, 2013

Womp, womp, womp... major fail last weekPhew!  Glad that is over with.  I definitely needed some Energizer batteries in me because I was in super slow-mo this past week.  The weekend was quite easy breezy too!!  On Saturday we dropped off CJ back with his mom, grabbed some lunch, did some shopping for the house, walked around Petco, went to dinner and came home to watch movies.  Today we vegged on the couch watching movies ALL DAY LONG with the intermittent laundry and helping my cousin with her resume.

THIS WEEK - my wishes are to just get that fire lit under me again.  Whether it be with my health, the blog, the job, the wannabe job.  I just need to get that hustle on.  Currently - it seems to be getting hot with the blog.  Check out the new digs!  I rearranged my little corner of the web a little bit.  There are more things I want to add and adjust - so hopefully the complete design will be done by the end of the week!!  And that's all folks!!


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  1. Hey, it's totally okay if you have a week that's just bleh. I know you'll do great this week! And I love your redesign and can't wait to see the rest! xx

    Allie / callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  2. I hope that inspiration overwhelms you and that by the end of the week you feel so energised and ready for life!
    And enjoy all the time you put into your blog!

  3. Well, I am so glad that things are picking up with your blog and I was just about to comment that the layout had changed! I hope you find the "fire" you're looking for!! :) Best wishes!


  4. Loving the new look and best of luck with getting it all complete.
    I love vegging out days spent on the couch with movie after movie - you need those days sometimes just to recharge.
    Best of luck with your wishes this week and I can't wait to see how the blog progresses!

  5. Wow, easy answer - chocolate and my boyfriend!!

  6. A cup of coffee in the morning, for sure :)


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