10 Things I'm Looking Forward To: Fall 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing with the dolphins the first time my best friend visited me in Hawaii.

Hola Dashing Superstars!!

Today we're talking 10 things that  I am looking forward to this season.

1. Cool Morning Walks
Not breaking in a sweat while walking my dog before heading to work would just be superb and I can't wait for it (by the way, this morning I was up before dawn, and was able to enjoy a nice, cool morning walk and i LOVED it).

2. Cooler Nights
Only God knows how hot it has been, specifically on weekends and nights when we're home!!  I cannot wait for the cool night breezes that pass through our tiny apartment in the fall.

3. Fall TV Shows
Netflix and Hulu usually supply our TV entertainment from May to Mid-September, and I cannot wait for the fall season to start!!  My top three shows are Hawaii 5-0, Grey's Anatomy and Bones.  I'm looking to add in a few others like Blacklist which was on point Monday night, but I like to start shows from the beginning so we'll have to consult Netflix or Hulu first.

4.Butternut Squash Soup
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this soup!  It is best with creme fraiche, which is similar to sour cream and I believe I've seen it in grocery stores recently.  And then of course it needs to be topped with a handful of candied walnuts.  Yum!!! 

5. Warmer Clothes
Though most of you may not notice a change in seasons your first year in Hawaii - locals can definitely tell.  I'm looking forwarding to enjoying warmer clothes and maybe even a scarf or too without breaking a sweat.
6. Holiday Decorating
Everyone is gearing up for Halloween.  After that comes Thanksgiving and then my FAVORITE - CHRISTMAS!!  So I love Fall because it kicks it all off, but then it comes and goes before we know it :(.
7. Hot Coffee
Not that I'm a big coffee drinker, but the coffee I've been consuming since about April has all been ICED.  I'll be happy to warm up with a hot cup of coffee, or maybe Starbuck's Salted Caramel Mocha!!!  Yes, no PSL here baby :)
8. Thanksgiving Dinner
Need I say more?  My boyfriend and I take turns between family houses for the holidays and this year we'll be at my family's house this year - so I'm definitely excited for that. My favorite foods are stuffing, green bean casserole and the marshmallow tops from the yams!! Yes, I'm that girl!!  I also love day after turkey cranberry sandwiches with cream cheese.  Safeway got me hooked on those last year and I can't wait for them to bring it back!!  What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?

9. CJ's Birthday
 My stepson is turning the big 10!!!  It will definitely be an exciting day.  Last year I threw him a carnival party complete with fun carnival games such as a donut eating contest, gummy bear search (in whipped cream), pinata and more.  We also had typical carnival fare food such as hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, candied apples and a traditional birthday cake.  So what do I have up my sleeve this year??? I HAVE NO IDEA!! Any suggestions???

It has been way too long since she has gotten her booty down here to Hawaii - and I couldn't be more excited.  She will be staying with us over the Thanksgiving weekend.  This will be her fourth time to Hawaii so we'll probably be skipping over the tourist things she's done in the past and do some new things.
So those are the top ten things I'm looking forward to this season, what are you looking forward to???

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  1. butternut squash soup sounds amazing right now.

  2. What a nice list of autumn-like things you've created. I do love my morning walks in crispy, cool weather as well so kudos for having that on the list :)

  3. Fall is my favorite time for most of the reasons you mentioned :) Plus, now that I live somewhere where we have actual seasons, I adore watching the leaves change colors en masse. It's like walking in a giant painting everyday. Oh yeah, and baking. Pumpkin, apple, and pretty much anything cozy, gets into my oven around this time of year and it is a good thing. Hooray for BFFs visiting!

  4. I LOVE warmer clothes! Although, there aren't many days I get to wear those in HOT sunny Florida!
    Also, I just had some butternut squash soup from Panera. OH. EM. Gee! So good :]

  5. I love this list- I can't wait to do most of those either :) I think G and I might actually go on a walk tonight by a local pond :) Phoenix is finally cooling down little by little and I couldn't be more excited after our record-breaking hot summer!

  6. We have humid heat. Is your heat more like Texas?? Dry??


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