Big Announcement! (+ Weekly Wishes)

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm so excited to share with you all what has been driving be BADDY (is that a word) for the last couple of weeks.  See I've been wanting talk a WHOLE LOT MORE on business topics, but it just felt amiss sharing it on 91 Dash.  Not that readers wouldn't enjoy it, but it just seemed a little out of place.  The blogging tips I share are one thing, but when I'm talking about how to be a good communicator, or streamlining every day processes so that you can focus on projects - it just wasn't fitting in.  So today I'm announcing.... is my brand, spankin' new site to talk all things business.  I'll be talking about how to be a RAD OFFICE CHICK, giving reviews of different products related to business as well as my journey with creating an online side hustle income.  The site will have ads on them as well as affiliate links for items.  I intend to release some of my own products as well such as eBooks and services upon request.

You can follow Chick Commander on bloglovin, here.

Or check out my post on Communicating Like a Boss here.

My hope is to post quality articles at least once a week there, and I will be posting here 3-5 times per week.

I am still building out the site with all of its bells and whistles, so the design and layout may change as time allows.  So please, if you've enjoyed any of the business and blogging posts I've done, join me there through bloglovin' or your RSS feader.  Email updates to be available shortly.

This week I'll also be introducing a new series.  I'm not too sure what I'll be calling it, but it'll be based off  of my experience with taking care of my Dad while he had Cancer, and ultimately losing him to it.  I'm finally ready to be open about this topic and dig deep and my goal would be to write a memoir so that I can share it with those who may need it, as well as my children (when I actually have them).

Ok - moving on to other business!!

Last week I was completely MIA from all link ups.  But I'm back this week!  My wish is to learn how to juggle everything I need to do and want to do and really start to take that streamlining wiz I am at work, and bring that home!  I have no problem tearing up processes and restructuring them to fit my work ethic and to help me work smarter, not harder - and I'd like to really bring that home and incorporate that into my blogging.  I've already done that with my Sponsorship program which I'm planning to share with everyone here, at 91 Dash soon.  (OH yah, blogging tips will remain here, business will be at Chick Commander).
Lastly, I just wanted to say a BIG MAHALO to those who participated in the FALL reader survey, it really means alot!! And please please please, don't forget to comment - I really enjoy getting to know my readers and talking with them.
Ok so... all the participants were females dominantly in the 19-25 range.  That is pretty cool.  Mostly everyone that took the survey was from the USA except for one from Germany and one from France. HEY EUROPE!! Don't forget to come and say HI!!  All but two survey takers are bloggers.  Now.. most people enjoy the Lifestyle and Blogging related posts, other favorites (in order) include: Inspirational and Recipes, Business, Hawaii and Pop Culture.

Again - if you participated thank you so much.  This really helps me as far as the direction this blog is going - and thank you for sticking with me.  And a special big thank you, shout out to Erika for Chimerikal for letting me bounce things off of her :)

Have a Happy Monday!

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on your new site!
    And good luck with this week's goals. My juggling needs improving too.

  2. That new website is a great idea! It definitely sounds like you have passion for it, too. And that can only mean it will be a hit! I hope for a lot of success for this new venture of yours!

    I can't believe I missed taking part on the reader survey. Okay, I know it was up for a while, but I was just too slow :/ Anyway, I'm so glad you got a lot of responses to it and that it was helpful :)
    And good luck with this week's goals! Juggling everything can be tough, but I'm sure you can figure it out! Have a great week :)

  3. Hi Ladies - Thank you so much. Did you stop by? I still need to install Disqus on that thing.. It is so much starting a whole new site from scratch! Lol

  4. Hey Kate. Thank you :) I hope you stopped by! Still working on getting everything installed like Disqus! Take care.

  5. Your Chick Commander blog sounds great! I'm excited to check it out!

  6. Oh thank you!!! You're such a support and I'm glad to call you friend!

  7. Thank you Pinja :) You can still go ahead and add your responses! I'll go ahead and check it out!

  8. Oh Amy - you're too kind. I'm excited for it to evolve too!! Hmm, wonder what that Crucial Conversations book is about. Right now I'm reading The Millionaire Messenger and I'll do a review on it on Chick Commander, once it is done!

  9. Hey thanks Lauren - Yes please check it out and follow along! Lots of great and inspiring stuff to be done there.

  10. OH. MY GOSH. I literally just did I happy dance and am already following you on Bloglovin! I can't WAIT. I knew that you had a big project coming up but this is simply incredible, girlfriend! Good for you! I'm thrilled :) It's so fun watching you grow in blogland I know that this venture only means good things. I hope you're ready to have people begging you to post post after post, because I want to soak up the information you have to offer like a sponge!

  11. Congrats on your new site! I will definitely be checking it out. I see myself as doing a lot of freelance graphic design work to keep me afloat until I find a job after any business tips are going to be great in my book! Good luck in accomplishing your weekly wish. I swear, everyone is having the most trouble with time management; me included!

  12. Woohoo! That is awesome, Kele!! Another milestone! Today is my ONE YEAR Blogiversay. Crazy right?? Happy for you and your new venture!! xoxo

  13. Oh thanks Chels! I am still tweaking - but I just wanted to share it already and get it out there :)

  14. Hi Claire! Thank you Claire! It just felt so out of place here at 91 Dash. I still love doing this "personal" style blogging, but really want to do it professionally as well too. Happy Blogday to you!!!

  15. Hi Tamara - I think this is the first time I've seen you around the blog - WELCOME! I'd really like to get into some freelance work as well with all of the technical skills I have accumulated. Look forward to seeing you over at Chick Commander.

  16. OH hello friend!! I'm excited that you're excited. But it makes me really nervous, now I know I need to pump out some legit awesome content!! I'm working on my next post about being innovative! See you at Chick Commander ;)


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