A (virtual) Hawaii Day Trip

Sunday, September 29, 2013

One of my favorite things to do is to play tourist.  I love love love it!!

In my first month of sponsoring I have had some amazing... bomb.com sponsors! And I just wanted to thank them: Stephanie, Victoria, Stacey, Erika, Allie, Kayli, Melyssa and Mal; by taking them on a virtual day trip to Hawaii.

LUCKY them!!  Haha.  And lucky you since you get to come along for the ride!

As with any good traveler, we're getting up at the crack of dawn - to the tune of 6am.  First stop?  Diamond Head.
 "I want to hike in Hawaii-- G and I are avid hikers here in Arizona and are dying to explore the green lush green lands of the islands." - Kayli from Kayli Wanders
See, not only does my friend Kayli love to explore the outdoors and hike, but she has super awesome tips on healthy vegan recipes and so I'm sure the girl got us covered with a healthy and delicious breakfast.  Or we could just head to one of the health bars in the area and pick up acai bowls.

After breaking a morning sweat at Diamond Head, we're heading to Waikiki Beach to take up some surf lessons with the beach boys at 8:30am.  

"I would love to learn how to surf in Hawaii! That seems like the perfect place to try!"
- Erika from Chimerikal
As if Erika's reverse bucket list wasn't long enough, now she'll be adding VIRTUAL SURF SESSION to it?? No, but really!  This girl has done some crazy things, including losing one of her friends in Spain and being able to finally reunite in the comfort of a McDonalds!  The girl has epic stories to tell you, and this one will definitely be on the list!

Don't worry, the water play isn't over yet, next we're headed to Aloha Tower to go on a whale watching cruise at 11:30am.

I would love to do some whale-watching! I'd of course enjoy the beaches and fruity drinks and fresh seafood! - Mal from Tiger Bunnie Jewelry

"Love that question but it's a bit difficult to answer with only ONE thing to do! I've never been to Hawaii but it looks so beautiful and it's definitely on my to-go list. If I ever visit, I would want to go whale-watching. I've never seen whales for real and I've read that you could do that fabulous activity in Hawaii. That would be awesome and a once in a lifetime experience."  - Mal from Lazy Boleyn

I would love to hang out on one of the lower decks of the boat with all of these amazing ladies while listening to one of Mal’s awesome playlists.  I love her musical taste and look forward to her playlists every week.  And I’m sure the lovely Stephanie would be able to whip us up some custom bracelets just for the occasion.  By the way, have you checked out her shop?? It is too adorable not to.  Go!  Go now – I mean after you read the whole post first ;).

Wow!  Those majestic humpback’s took my breath away, what about yours??  Next we’re going all the way out to the west side to snorkel and check out some of the beautiful fishes and animal life on the west coast of the island, and if we’re lucky enough – possibly find some beautiful seashells!!

"When I was about nine years old, I visited Hawaii and went snorkeling with my family. I was the last to jump off the boat and into the ocean because even though I am an animal lover, I was terrified of what might be lurking below. Near the end or our trip I finally dove in and was mesmerized with the bright fish and even giant sea turtles floating by. I'd absolutely love to return to Hawaii one day and experience that all over again, this time without the fear. :)" - Melyssa from The Nectar Collective
"I think the one thing I would want to do in Hawaii is to see sea turtles! I've always loved ocean animals, and even though I've always lived near the beach, southern California just doesn't have a lot of cool ocean life. I would LOVE to get to go snorkeling and get up close to sea turtles." - Victoria from Poverty Luxe.
With Victoria being the frugal, awesome super cute girl that she is, shewould of course pack snacks (gluten free of course) to help a girl save adollar or two (or ten, since we’re in Hawaii)! And because I’m Monja obsessessed, I can only imaging the kind of trouble he would get into getting his little paws and nose went on the beach for the first time.  He’d probably eat a ton of sand too! (Don’t worry Melyssa, he’ll survive!!).

Last, but not least, after all that water play for the day, we’ll get cleaned up at the beach and then head inland to the mountains to take a sunset horseback ride from the beach to the mountain.
"If I could do ONE thing in Hawaii it would be to go horseback riding on a volcanic mountain. My parents did it when they visited and I saw pictures and ever since then I have been dreaming about it!" - Stacey from Grace Believer
"When I was little, my family use to visit 'Secret Beach' in Kauai. After a hike down a mountainside, we would find ourselves on a beautiful lush beach, all to ourselves. I'd love to go back!" - Allie from Call Me Sassafras

Not only do I imagine seeing stunning views of the sun setting, but it would be an amazing time for reflection, something Stacey is so good at, or listening to an audio book from one of Allie's book suggestions, and an amazing way to end the day

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  1. This was such a fun post! I loved it :) may have to steal the idea and do something similar on my site ;) Would you mind?

  2. Only if you do it when my sponsorship is up... JUST PLAYING. Of course, do it girl :) It is fun trying to get creative with these types of sponsor posts!!

  3. This is the most creative sponsor post I've ever read! And I loved the Hawaii tour too!


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