Hello September

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September!!!  Personally, I'm glad August is over with.  Looking forward to what September has, and moving forward!  Let's re-cap what happened last month :)
Page Views: 2,578 5,250
Bounce Rate: 43.03% 45.01%
New Visitors: 52.7% 55.8%
Returning Visitors: 47.3% 44.2%

Top 5 Posts:
  Top 5 Referrals:
  1. Bloglovin
  2. Twitter
  3.  The Nectar Collective
  4. Disqus
  5. Pinterest
Top 5 Cities visiting 91DASH:
  1. Hawthorne, California
  2. Delta Township, Michigan
  3. New York, New York
  4. Adelaide, Australia
  5. Atlanta, Georgia
Top 10 Organic Searches:
  1. Chuck E Cheese
  2. 8 Week Doxbull
  3. August Month
  4. Coffee All Day
  5. Coffee Table Book Collection
  6. Decor Cafe 2013
  7. DIYS
  8. Geometric Themed Party
  9. Hawaiian Chili
  10. How To Draw People To Your Blog
My Top 5 Favorite Posts from July:
  1. While In Dark Places - I wrote this post thinking about my Dad.  Some of the things I had gone through when dealing with his death and things that helped me to get through those difficult times.  It is a really quick and easy read to help you, help yourself bring you through that dark place.
  2. How I Fell IN and OUT of Love with Justin Timberlake - I had a ton of fun writing this post out and really did it to stretch my creativity and wit.  I can be very witty in real life (on the fly) but struggle with that in my writing.  You'll see more posts with me exercising my creativity and wit in the future!
  3. Living Your Passionate Life RECAP + [FREEBIES] - I would love to put the whole series in my favorite posts because it has received such a warm welcome from readers and blog peers alike, however it would be a little redundant.  Up to date, this is my favorite of the series, purely because of the printables I enjoyed creating!!
  4. COLLECTION: Board Games - When I wrote out this post I didn't expect to get much feedback as I usually see in other Collection posts.  However, I received a decent amount of comments and it was really fun to talk about board games, family traditions and learn about new ones I should purchase!
  5. 10 Fun Facts about Hawaii - I love my Hawaii and love sharing it with everyone.  This was my first post about facts rather than showing a particular place and it was fun.  I will definitely be sharing more things about Hawaii in the future.

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  1. Congrats on a great month and hope that September is even better!

  2. Thanks lady!!!! Yes - I feel it'll be a good month :)


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