How to Differentiate Yourself in the Market

Thursday, September 5, 2013

To be a shining star in the online world, you cannot just have a stellar product anymore.  The online world has changed the game of window shopping and customers will be looking for more than a good review and a pretty storefront (or webpage).

How do you set yourself apart from your competition?  Do you try to find a unique promotion to offer?  A discount code to use on the next purchase?  Free shipping?  Free resources, guides or other content?

By adding value to your current product and services, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition and offering something unique, only available through you!

So you ask, "Aukele - what "added value" should I offer?"  There are two types of value that you can offer, one based off of need, and answering a problem.  The other by fulfilling your customer's enjoyment and pleasure.

Here are a few approaches you can use to ADD VALUE to your business:
  • Freebies
  • Promotions
  • Coupons
  • Giveaways
  • Warrantys/Guarantees
  • Complimentary Free Services

Lastly, think about who your customers are and what they need or enjoy and what can you give, rather than sell?  Try to incorporate added value into your business and blog and you will see the difference.  Remember, building a business is not always about taking, but is about what you can offer and give freely whilst building trust and relationships simultaneously.

xoxo, Aukele

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  1. Great post about giving in the business world! x

  2. You're so right - you need to answer the "and...?" in order to be successful. Here's this content and this design...and? What's the extra little bit that makes you special?

  3. Great tips! I especially like the fact that you included that we have to remember WHO we're selling to and what THEY's no longer all about "I" :)


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