I'm Back From Mars!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hi Ladies! Oh - it's Friday already? Geez, this week just whizzed on by.  As you've probably hopefully noticed, I've been off the radar a little bit.  Lately I've been stuck in MARS.  Yah, no joke.

Let me explain...

Did you ladies know that men write blogs?  I've seen a few here and there, but this week I feel like I've been stuck in the Mars world of blogs.  Each site that I went to when researching business opportunities lead me to blogs written by men.  And let me tell you this - things are SO MUCH different there.  It is seriously a whole new world.  I learned a few things so far and am anxious to learn more.  

Finding all these new blogs (and none happen to be on bloglovin' lol), I found some commonalities among these blogs run by men and I'd like to share them with you!

1) They are about money from the get go.
It seems that there philosophy is, "Why waste time beating around the bush?"  They do not blog out of hobby and hope they can monetize it later.  They figure out the end purpose, and work their way back to the beginning from there.  They like to figure out what they can sell, then decide on th content that they can create to provide value for the products they are selling.

2) They are EXTREMELY helpful.
Compared to some of the business blogs I've read that are authored by women, they like to 1) tell you like it is; 2) give you concrete action steps (again, none of this beat around the bush shenanigans); 3) show you proof (it is in the pudding, right?)  These bloggers are some of the most transparent people I've seen online when it comes to breaking down how to do things online.

3) They are humble.
This is a subject I've been wanting to touch on for a while and I actually have a draft waiting to be edited, but from the blogs, videos and podcasts I've consumed (just in this week) - these guys are very humble, down to earth and approachable people, that really want to help others, holding nothing back.  One of the bloggers even went out of his way to convince a "negative nancy" that his business model wasn't scammy and explained it to her in depth - to which she retracted her comment on a forum and apologized for the judgement.  They are making six figure incomes a year and it doesn't get to their heads.  Most of them are living normal lives, driving normal cars and just genuinely trying to help people.

Now I know not all "business" type bloggers are as helpful as the community I found this week (who just happen to all be men thus far, with the exception of one woman who says something to the effect that she could have been a male) - but really it is just food for thought.  I see many bloggers who beat around the bush when giving advice and I understand that some people want to keep their secrets, secret.  If that is the case, then you probably shouldn't say anything at all, because the meat of the information will always be withheld - and that's what people are looking for, right?  Does that make sense?

Let me know in the comments below! Oh - and HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY!!

xoxo, Aukele

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  1. Maybe I need to head to Mars for a while :) Thanks for the insight!

  2. Wow! Sounds great- the few I have come across has usually been this way as well. Great post!

  3. Wow, my mind is blown and I will have to look into this. I HATE when a blogger does not talk about the middle of a process. Like dating advice- they will talk about the first date and how it went and say "the rest is history" and therefore that is how it should be for all women. Or they will just vaguely mention the difficulty of relationships without providing details. Well, when a girl is looking for answers, she wants details. The same goes with building a successful blog. Don't tell me to just wait six months- what do I need to be doing during those 6 months, specifically? I've always been frustrated to be critiqued but not given details. I actually really came to admire my latest belly dance teacher because she gives detailed critiques with specific instructions on how to correct the problem.

  4. Interesting! I've read a few men's blogs (not the business ones though) and they are indeed different from women's ones. But these business blogs you mentioned sounds like a completely different world altogether.

  5. I totally agree, men blog entirely differently. I actually quite like their style of blogging particularly that they are frank and to the point. I've learnt a lot of things from blogs run by men!

  6. Yes girl! frank and to the point is right on the nose!!

  7. This guy goes into detail! He even set up a site so people could watch him do what he does from the ground up.

  8. For real!!! DO it :) Check out @PatFlynn on twitter.


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