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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If I had a free three months to do whatever I wanted to do, as much as I would want to say that I would work really hard to grow my business - I'd be traveling the world.

First I would visit different islands in the Polynesian Triangle such as Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga before heading to Australia!
Hands down, the first thing I want to do in Australia is to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. Duh! I'd also love to see the obvious things such as the Opera House and to hold a baby Koala!
Next, I would fly to Asia.  My first stop would most definitely be Japan (though coming from Aussie land, probably best to stop in the Phillipines first).
The architecture is breathtaking.  It is beautiful and I would love to visit temples, gardens, THE FOOD!  I would love to take pictures with geisha girls, experience their technology, visit rice fields and maybe pay a trip to Tokyo Disneyland.  We don't have a budget for these free three months right?

Other countries I would visit in Asia are: Korea, Thailand, China, Phillipines, Singapore and India.

Next I would make my way to Europe where and my first stop would be Russia
These iconic Hershey Kiss (for lack of better word) tops on the building - beautiful.  I guess we have a theme going, architecture.  I think more than that though, is that I just love to learn about new and different cultures, traditions, cuisine, arts and more.

Other countries I would stop in, in Europe are: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, France, Germany and the UK

Next I would make my way down to Africa and first stop, hands down, Morocco.
 I fell in love with Morocco and its culture from my first experience at a restaurant in the Alphabet district of Portland, Oregon called Marrakesh (named after the famous town Marrakech) (hello 5 course menu for $20).  They keep tradition alive there with belly dancers, rose water, the tradition of washing the hands before the meal and between the main entree and dessert.  Not to mention the food with its Mediterranean origins is delicious.

Other countries I would visit in Africa include South Africa, Egypt and Zimbabwe.

Next I would visit South America and make my first stop in Brazil where I would have to watch a soccer game!
 Um, hello GORGEOUS buildings, not to mention the MINT color!  I would also love to visit the Rio de Janeiro, eat their amazing food and go to the beach.

Other countries I would visit in South America include Venezuela and Colombia (I would also take a quick trip to central America to visit (at least) Nicaragua).

Now that we toured the world and hit 5 of 7 continents, and we've linked up with Jenni for Blogtember, let's say ALOHA to my very first sponsor ever, Stephanie of Tiger Bunnie Jewelry.

Hey 91 Dash lovelies, my name is Stephanie and I own a little jewelry shop on Etsy called Tiger Bunnie Jewelry.  I started this business because I love to craft and make things. I wanted to make things that I believed in and that I would wear too! There's nothing like the feeling of a compliment or seeing someone wear what I've put my heart into making. I want to one day be able to make enough profit to donate to a charity or cause.

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PS: Stephanie is doing a series called Conflict Resolution and you can check out her first post here.

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  1. Aukele, you are totally fueling my wanderlust right now! Right about now every year I get super antsy and want to go to a far flung place. Brazil is definitely on my list. And you will love Morocco! I want to go back right now :)

  2. Ah, stop making me want to travel all over!!! These are all great suggestions.

  3. Girl, I'm all riled up to go.. but there is this thing called life.. oh and work!! Ugh I can't wait to go to Morocco.. gah!

  4. :) :) :) Any other places you want to add Kayli?

  5. Now this sounds like a really cool round trip. The Fiji & Japan - that's what i would be most interested in. Such exotic & beautiful destinations.

    Maybe one day....a girl can dream, right?! ;)

    Greetings from Germany.

    Found you through Blogtember linkup.


  6. Can I come?? Oh, and don't forget to put Tasmania on your list!!

  7. Thank you for the Spotlight! :) And these are some fantastic pictures! I would love to visit these places someday!!!

  8. Hey Luchessa - yes. It would be a dream to go!

  9. Ok ok. we'll stop in Tasmania too ;)! Lol.

  10. You're most welcome Stephanie. Have a good day!!

  11. umm can i come with you? i'lleven let you stay on my couch when you tour korea ; )

  12. I just got home from vacation and your making want to travel again. If love to see Europe and Japan one day.


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