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Monday, September 16, 2013

Boy do I have a special treat for all of you amazing readers today!  A while back I advertised my salt shop on Julie Ann Art, and through that sponsorship I was introduced to this amazing woman, Victoria, from Poverty Luxe.  I instantly fell in love with her blog.  She is a "broke" mom who really knows how to make a happy life for her family with very little and I am so honored to have her on my sidebar and be her friend. 
We decided to do a little Q&A and have a giveaway for you all at the end, so stay tuned ;)

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself (originally from, maybe some family background, what you and your husband do for a living, baby alice, the blog and shop):

My name is Victoria, I have a husband named James and a daughter named Alice. I was born and raised in the South Bay (beachy suburbs of Los Angeles) and for my whole life (except the 16 months after James and I got married that we lived in Prescott, Arizona) I've never lived more than 5 miles from the ocean. I feel like that is a really important detail because I also grew up REALLY poor, in a big family, and was home schooled, not exactly the typical beach, LA stereotype, but still pretty cool. 

James and I got married in September 2010 after about nine months of long-distance dating (I know, totally insane), and things have been crazy ever since. We lived in Prescott, Arizona for about a year, had a baby, and then a few months later started ALL OVER in California. That was a year and a half ago and things are just now getting back to "normal". 

Nowadays, James works as a carpenter, making hardwood floors for basketball courts and such, most of the time I stay home with Alice, but I also work very, very part time as a knitting instructor at Joann Fabrics, and Alice is currently in full-time terrible twos mode. We have a giant black cat named Artimus, and the four of us share a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment. We dont have a lot, but we're learning how to make it work. I write all about it on my blog, Poverty Luxe. Oh, and I make clothes and such out of recycled fabrics and sell them on etsy. 

2) Did you open your shop or blog first?  Why did you start the shop and blog?
The short answer is the blog first, then the shop. 

The long answer is that I actually started selling handmade clothes on etsy when I was 17, because I've always wanted to be an independent designer. But that shop was kind of crazy and all over the place, so after a few years I lost direction and inspiration. When Alice was born decided to take a long break so I could think about re-branding and starting over. The blog idea came about as a creative outlet to inspire and motivate me to start crafting again, but out of fear and laziness it took me almost a year to start writing. So, I officially started blogging in March of this year, and opened the shop up in July. 

3) Where do you get your fabric for products from the Poverty Luxe shop?
All of the fabrics that I use are vintage or recycled, most of it comes from thrift stores and estate sales, but sometimes I shop at "industrial salvage" fabric stores that sell misprint, dead stock, and mill-end type fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. 

4) Poverty Luxe is such an intriguing name, how did you come up with it? 
A couple years ago I saw this video about a lady who had built this super efficient, minimalist house out of shipping containers, but most of the bathroom was taken up by a vintage claw-foot tub. She said her brother teased her about it and called her some spanish phrase that translated to "luxurious poor". The phrase really resonated with me because thats exactly how I grew up, broke, but a fancy kind of broke. 

Naturally, when I was telling my friend about how I wanted to start a lifestyle blog about all the things we do to make being poor a bit more enjoyable, I remembered this lady and her clawfoot tub in her shipping container house and after bouncing it back and forth with her for a while, I settled on Poverty Luxe.

5) What is your number one frugal tip?
Just one? Besides not buying things you dont need? Gosh. Here's the easiest one: Always, ALWAYS google for a coupon when shopping online. It takes literally one extra minute and nine out of ten times will save you some money. 

6) What is your number one marriage tip?
You have, have HAVE to work as a team. Any marriage, regardless of circumstances will fall apart quickly if you're living two separate lives. This doesnt mean you have to agree on everything, but both parties need to consider their spouses needs first and work together. 

7) How do you maintain your happiness while living the "poverty luxe" lifestyle?
Ha, honestly I complain about it a lot. But I do my best to focus on the things we do have, like our family and friends, and the luxuries that come with a simpler life. I mean, yeah, our car is old and we've never been on vacation, but we dont have any debt, I get to be home with Alice, and we can go to the beach whenever we want. We go our whole lives being told that the only way to be happy is to get a fancy degree and make a lot of money and buy a lot of stuff, when really, being poor can be kind of awesome. I guess thats all im trying to say here.

Thanks so much Victoria, I enjoyed it, as usual.  Seriously, didn't you just fall in love with her??  So because she is super awesome, and super amazing, she wants to give one of my readers (aren't you all lucky) a $40 credit to her shop!! How awesome is that?  Enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1)  PovertyLuxe only ships to the US currently, so if you are international, shipping addresses must be in the US (or you may give it away as a Christmas present for a friend in the US)!

2)  Before the winner is contacted and announced, the winning entry and mandatory entries will be confirmed.

3)  You must be awesome, a lover of the handmade community and smile!

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