Weekend Love

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This week was for getting things done and out of the way.  I had to tackle quite a few deadlines and I am so happy to report that I didn't burn the midnight oil, not once!  Now if I can only turn off my brain before then, we'd be all good!

The weekend, thus far, has been quite relaxing.  Friday night I picked up some of my favorite "pau hana" snacks and some ingredients to make favorite local dip that I'll be sharing later on this week.  Now to enjoy the rest of my Sunday (minus Pittsburgh losing) and the lovely trade winds that are picking up :)

Cute and affordable jewelry
On appreciating the smaller things in life - an anniversary celebration
A "green" sandwich with a lot of flavor
27 lessons we can learn from celebrities
A tutorial to make a "pinterest-esque" photo collage
Spread a little happiness
A pick-me up weekend playlist
Keeping the love when you're miles away
Bloody Mary... frozen, please!
Mind map your to-do list
How to make an abstract painting
10 free handwriting fonts
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  1. My football team lost too :( At least the rest of our weekends were great!

  2. Great links! I loved the sandwich, mind-mapping idea and the pretty fonts. ;)

  3. BOO!!! Lol - At least everyone in the Steeler's division lost today, so we're all 0-1 across the board!!

  4. Oh I'm glad you enjoyed them!! Kayli, Kenzie and Sarah are all great and amazing bloggers!

  5. Oooh, some good links here! I'm so glad to be mentioned amongst great company! Thanks for sharing, Aukele!


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