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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh hey girl... HEY!!!!  Woo Hoo its the weekend and I couldn't be more happier!! No, but for real.  I have some major work to do this weekend and I really can't wait to get started on it.  I am working on some new projects - and unlike this site being on blogger, these are on Wordpress.  HOLY CANOLI!  Wordpress is seriously NO JOKE.  I'm definitely on a learning curve.  I have definitely wanted to throw my computer against the wall, but I've kept "plugging in" and I slowly, but surely figuring out how it all works.

Moving on!!  Here are my fave winks of the leek links of the week (that has happened twice in me writing this post, so I left that one there, can you say tired??).
A Little Talk on Comfort +++
How to Save Money at Target (no crazy coupon lady shenanigans) +++
5 Ways to Make Anyone Feel Special +++
Girls Night Out (a style guide) +++
5 Design Resources for Bloggers +++ 
Nutritionist Q&A on a Vegan Lifestyle [+ a giveaway] +++  
Geeking Out: Harry Potter +++
5 Blog Post Ideas for your Business +++ 
10 Ideas for Square Photos +++
How to Make an Apple Icon +++


I'm so excited to share some of my favorite bloggers in my blogging community (who also happen to be sponsors!!)  Three cheers to Melyssa and Mal!!!

Check Out: Newlyweds | Always, Sometimes, Never | 10 Facts About Me
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xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Loving some of the links you posted!

    And don't give up on Wordpress. I know it can be (super) frustrating, but if I could figure it out, so can you!!

  2. Oh thank you Pinja!! Yes, I'm not giving up on it, but man it is a major learning curve.


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