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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do you have frizzy hair?  I used to.  Gosh I hated it.  It was such a buzz kill when I'd look in the mirror and see all these hairs floating around the top of my skull.  Lame sauce right?

Then I came across a blog post (and I'm so sorry I can't remember who did it and the address), but she shared how she would use a cotton shirt to wrap her hair after washing it because it was gentler on her delicate strands than a towel and helped to reduce some MAJOR FRIZZ.  Then I imagined this harsh terry towel or "staticky" microfiber towel rubbing against my delicate, thin hair and I've never taken a towel to it again!

Currently, I've been using a cotton shirt to help absorb and dry my hair.  I put a shirt over my head, lift my hair out through the neckline, then pull the shirt back up on my head to the top of my forehead.  Then I shake my hair and shirt out so that it is all straight, then I proceed to wrap the shirt, with the hair inside in a low bun secured at my neck. The frizz has gone down drastically.  I can finally let my hair air dry and go about my day without feeling embarrassed about my hair!  So long constant use of heat tools!!

While this works, I'm still using a comfy soft shirt I rather relax in then get wet (and possibly moldy smelling if it doesn't dry right); and it would be much easier to have a "cotton towel" But cotton doesn't absorb well.  That's a PROBLEM.

Frizz Free Hair Towel

So here we have the Frizz Free Hair Towel - soft cotton on the inside to protect your hair and terry or microfiber on the outside to properly absorb the excess water.  This is my original idea that I have submitted to Quirky and I would love it if you would take a couple minutes to vote for it. Currently, I need 189 votes in order to get the Quirky team to look at my product.

So please, go wash your hair tonight, wrap it with a soft cotton shirt and notice the difference in the level of frizz in your hair.  Then vote for Quirky to look at the Frizz Free Hair Towel!  Your hair and favorite cotton tees thank you in advance!

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  1. Love, love, love this product!! You can bet I voted!!

  2. Yes girl!! Just wrap it in your cotton tshirt a couple of times. I don't have experience with ALL hair types - but it works for me. I have fine wavy hair.

  3. Girl did you try the cotton tshirt on your hair!? Give it a try.


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