Happiness Is...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happiness is...
  • Having a bed to sleep on (a comfortable one at that).
  • Creating a home for my family.
  • Spending time and laughing with loved ones.
  • Building real relationships.
  • Having friends with diverse backgrounds that we all can grow and learn from.
  • Having a awesome relationship with my Mom.
  • Having a job that I enjoy with an awesome benefits package.
  • Creating delicious food.
  • Having a creative space to let everything out.
  • A car with a bomb.com AC.
  • Watching CJ blossom into such a great kid.
  • Eating Genki Sushi with my nephews on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Living in beautiful Hawaii.
  • Loving life.
  • Pushing myself to be better.
  • Watching the fruits of my labor blossom.
What is happiness for you?

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  1. Great list! Unfortunately I can't have #6 but all the rest is definitely awesome. And I have a "what makes me happy" post scheduled on Thursday :)

  2. yes i can imagine it is living in hawaii! definitely a bed!!

  3. Oh I'm excited to read your post on Thursday! Thanks for commenting Mal :)

  4. I love this list like a fat kid loves fried ice cream. I'm working on redefining happiness in my transition state and this post inspired me to start making a list of my own things that I've rediscovering since I moved back to America.

  5. Oh thank you! Yes - sometimes we just have to look at the bigger picture and realize all the things we are blessed with and how the can outweigh the negativity that usually makes it face more pronounced than the latter!

  6. Um... its me, Aukele - I keep on forgetting to switch Disqus profiles!

  7. :)))) little lists like this are such a mood booster!

  8. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple :) As you've stated on those blog changes. Little snippets of life. You were my inspiration :)


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