Hello October

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!! I'm so excited for this month - it is going to be a ton of hard work and I'm crossing my fingers that it pays off.  In other news, here is the round up for last month.  And stick it through to the end because I have a freebie for all of you! :)  Happy Tuesday!

September 2013 Round Up
Page Views: 5,250 7,782
Bounce Rate:  45.01% 70.27% (That is too high, I need to work on that for sure this month.)
New Visitors: 55.8% 54.4%
Returning Visitors: 44.2% 45.6%

Top 5 Posts:
  1. Everyday Happy Giveaway
  2. Sponsor Spotlight: PovertyLuxe. Giveaway
  3. 5 Ways to Brighten Your Day
  4. 4 Reasons I Love Blogging
  5. How to Differentiate Yourself in the Market
  Top 5 Referrals:
  1. Bloglovin
  2. Twitter
  3. Google
  4.  The Nectar Collective
  5. Facebook
Top 5 Cities visiting 91DASH:
  1. Geoje-si, South Korea
  2. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  3. Hawthorne, California
  4. New York, New York
  5. Delta Township, Michigan
Top 10 Organic Searches:
  1. The Happy Type
  2. Blogspot Travel
  3. Find Your Passion 2013
  4. Lost in Travels blog
  5. Travel Blogspot
  6. Find Your Passion Worksheet
  7. Max and Olivia etsy
  8. Alice Baby Name Blog September 2013
  9. Best Hawaiian Chili Recipe
  10. Blogspot for Travel
I attribute the searches for Crystal and Chelsea's blogs to their partner ads that are saved as the name of their blogs. 
This month I'm trying something new.  I'm sharing an iPhone wallpaper freebie for your iPhone 4/4s and 5/5c/5s.  You should be able to click on the picture from my blog on your phone, save the image, then set it as your wallpaper.  I also uploaded it to size if you want to save it to your computer, email to yourself, then open the email on your phone.  Either way - here you go!! Happy Fall Yall!

iPhone 4 Wallpaper
iPhone 5 Wallpaper
PS: BLOG GIVEAWAY LATER TODAY - so come back now yall!
source: flikr
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  1. Wow- great stats! You are awesome :) good luck with everything you have going this month!

  2. Thanks Kayli!! I'm excited for the month

  3. And... that's the wrong disqus account, lol!


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