Tomorrow is November!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey Everyone - Don't eat too much candy!  This picture is from last year, my first time ever "somewhat" participating in Halloween.  I used a light brown paint pot to define the triangles then filled it in with bronzer and shimmer to create a nice sticky, shimmery base in all three triangles and eyes, then used a brown gel liner and black liquid liner to do the print.  Also used the black liquid liner for the whiskers, and then a kajal pencil for for the bottom of the nose, middle of the lip and lining the lip.  Finished it off with a red lipstick and some mascara.

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  1. Oh thanks Helene!! Used to REALLY be in to makeup a few years ago - now I mostly just use it on the weekends (like I think you've mentioned before?!).


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