Trials and Tribulations

Thursday, November 21, 2013

When no one is there.  When you are all alone in the big gigantic world.  When you feel like your world has been crushed and there is nothing there. Jesus is.  He is there.  
No matter what you have done.  No matter how many times you have done it.  No matter who you have done it to.  He is there.  He is loving you.  He wants to keep you.  He wants to protect you.  He wants to deliver you.  He wants to set you free.  He wants to make you complete and whole in Him.  He wants to shine His light on you and cast out all darkness.  He wants to forgive you.  He wants to see you triumph.  He wants to see you be victorious.  He wants to watch you stomp your feet all on the devil.  He wants to see you shine His light.

So if you're going through trying times in life - as I am.  Have faith.  Seek good.  Find hope.  Have courage.  Rely on His strength.  Trust Him.  Come back to Him.  Seek Him first.  Envelop yourself in His glory.

He will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He will make a path for you.  He will bring you into the light of his awesome power, faithfulness and goodness.

Remember that what you sow is what you reap.  Though you may be going through hard times in life, always sow good seeds.  Don't worry about what others do to you, trust that the Lord will take care of it - and focus on you.

xoxo, Aukele


  1. Good luck with everything right now, Aukele!

  2. I hope your doing well and holding up with everything, lady! Drop me a line whenever. :)

  3. I hope everything is going alright/better, girl! Lots of hugs!

  4. Thank you... things are getting brighter every day.

  5. Thank you Kate!! I haven't really seen you comment here before, so welcome to 91 Dash. I hope you enjoy it :)


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