2014 Organizational Goals

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of all of the goals I am setting out to accomplish this year - organization will most likely be the death of me.  The last two Thursdays I talked about my health goals and financial goals which I'm super pumped and excited to tackle.  However, organization - not so much my favorite.

I've always been the girl with the messy room.  I loathe folding clothes, hanging them up, putting them away.  As I write this post, I have a pile of clothes on my bed that's been wrinkling up since they were washed on Sunday.  It doesn't quite help that I went from an apartment to a bedroom either - but still I need to get this ISH under control - once and for all!

My desire is to have one of those pinterest worthy bedrooms that is just a sanctuary of serenity and peace. The first step to even thinking that could possibly be a reality will be to organize my life and room.  To purge things in this 'ol bedroom of mine that have been here for years without any use.

One of my big problems is that much of the storage outside of my room is already filled with items collected over the years from various family members.  Mind you, my grandpa built this house over 40 years ago - we still have trophies from football and baseball when my uncles were kids.

With all of that said, here are my 2014 Organizational Goals:

1. Purge - self explanatory, and a definite first step.  I've already gotten rid of one small dresser in my room but still have a lot to go.
2. Organize my closet - It is literally filled to the brim, and it needs to be organized and given a good deep clean.
3. Create a functional place for blogging and business - I  have a desk but it is too bulky now that I have a king size bed in here and so I am getting rid of it; but still need some type of place to blog and take care of business.
4. Organize my bathroom - Lucky me, my bathroom also serves as a guest bathroom - so it always needs to be tidy, but as of right now there isn't much space for me to have my bathroom necessities in there and therefore is clogging up precious space in my room.

I know that fully accomplishing these will be no easy task - and I will have a hard time finding JOY while doing it - but I know know know that if I could just really work on this part of my life, I'd be much happier and will find the JOY in enjoying my new sanctuary.

Do you need to organize some parts of your life this year?  Lets talk about it below!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Great organizational goals! I HAVE GOT TO tackle my closet + organize my bathroom...why must there be so few hours in the day?!

  2. I love organization, it becomes fun eventually, I promise! If you ever need motivational help or ideas, I'm here for you.

  3. Yes! I want to go through and reorganize everything because I'd also like to get rid of a bunch of things. I don't know what, but I have too much stuff and I'm sure once I start to go through it I'll be able to find things to get rid of. I also need to create a functional space for blogging/work. I've been blogging and writing while sitting on the couch or my bed and I can definitely feel it and see it in my posture. Good luck with your organizational goals this year!

  4. Thanks Kayli!!! I hear you. Just gotta make a masterplan for me and tackle one portion at a time - or I'll never get it done!

  5. Oh Stephanie I'll take all the help I can get :) You can always email me at 91dash@gmail.com if you don't want to write a novel on here - so that is fine as well!!

  6. Oooh, I can so relate to these goals!! Good luck with everything and getting organized! That's one of my goals, too! :)


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