Friday Morning Coffee

Friday, January 17, 2014

Holy Cannoli Guacamole!!! My first week in forever that I've posted every single week day!!! That's kinda neat!! Too many exclamation points?  Ok, I 'll turn down the JOY a notch.  
Anyway.  Happy Friday!  I'm so excited that a three day weekend is upon us, if only I can make it through the day as work will be a little cray cray. (If you're feeling blue, check out these videos! They'll get you through the work day for sure).

How has your week been? Mine was pretty good. I've started to get back into the swing of things with blogging and that has been quite fun.  I purchased three sponsorships on blogs I've never sponsored before, so that should be interesting and hopefully it will bring some new readers.  I'm happy to have gotten some financial goals set in place for the year and have been already working towards knocking that debt off.

Wednesday was Kaimana's birthday! He turned 2 years old, my lil guy. Such a cuters lil pupper boy. Yes, I do talk baby talk to him. Tomorrow we're going to the doggy bakery to get him a little cupcake.  Cute puppiness will ensue on my instagram feed, for sure!

Yesterday I did my first day of walking my dog on the crazy long walk I usually don't like to do, plus a killer cardio workout that is pretty popular on Pinterest.  I only completed one set, though I could have done more.  My goal is to be able to do all three sets with energy still left in me by the end of next week.
This weekend I'm looking forward to finishing up catching up on Downton Abbey season 3, fixing my dog's kennel and of course church on Sunday.  Oh and what am I gonna do with Monday??? I don't know but I'll be soaking up every minute of my three day weekend for sure!!!

Oh hey, before I go, don't forget to enter the Date Vitation giveaway for your change to create a FREE LOVE COUPON BOOK.  (Use code: 91DASH for $10 off your order).

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xoxo, Aukele
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAIMANA!!!! Also, that looks like a great circuit piece and I'm totally adding in after my run today! Thanks for sharing yay, for new blog sponsorships!

  2. Yeah it was good and went pretty fast after our extra long walk that I hate (cause I live on a hill so I have to climb back up - ok maybe over-exaggerating a little!!)! Let me know how you like it Crystal :)


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