Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Aloha Friday!!!! Sup-sup-super dupes excited that the weekend is – oh an 8 hour work day away!  Well it has definitely been forever since I’ve posted about a restaurant here in Hawaii – but alas, the time has finally come.  To be quite honest though, I am a horrible blogger because I didn’t even snap these pics thinking of my blog.  I was really thinking of blasting it on my Instagram – which already happened via that super awesome app called flipagram.  Have you heard of it?  Well that is a bit off topic, but anyway…

Arm Bar Sports Bar and Grill is actually right down the road from my house.  I could seriously burn off my meal walking up the hills going back home. At any rate, this bar and grill is relatively new – and I remember when they were setting up and moving in but didn’t really think much about it after that. Oh until, @yelphawaii on Instagram decided to blast a bunch of pics of their food onto my IG feed last Friday.

This past Sunday, one of my girlfriends called me at 8pm wanting to do dinner, so as any single girl would do – I smacked some lipstick on, put on some mascara and met up with my girl for a little late night din din and chat.

1 - Ahi Poke|| 2 - Grilled Miso Corn||3 - Adobo Braised Pork Belly with Mongo Bean Puree and Tomato and Onion Slaw||4 - Katsuo and Furikake Fries||5 - Ahi Belly||6 - Calamari||7 - Another shot of the Pork Belly
Check out that ish right there!  Seriously, we could not get over how good their food is!  Major food orgasm in my mouth.  Did I just go there?  Oh, yeah I did. (SIDENOTE: Didn't I pick the perfect song for that video!?  I love it.)

Then I went back on Wednesday with my mom.  Hands down one of my fave go-to restaurants.  I mean what more can you ask for - I could walk there if I needed to; the food is reasonably priced; they serve good appetizers - ie: portion control; the atmosphere is perfect; the staff is nice and friendly; and there are probably much more pros that I can't think of right now, but I'll get back to you on that.

If you're in Hawaii - go to Arm Bar now!  If not, then put it on your list when you do!  You won't be disappointed.  Now where to go for Pau Hana Friday??!

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