I Lost 23 Pounds!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Since I became single at the end of October, I have dropped 23 pounds.  Amaze balls right?!  I’m definitely one of those people who are sick to their stomach when going through heartbreaking issues – the last thing on my mind was food.  Not to say that I starved, but the amount consumed was drastically less. 
Yes... I'm now a selfie girl.  Do somethin' about it ;)!

In December I pretty much plateaued and fluctuated 1-3 pounds.  I see it as a plus since my appetite is relatively normal and I haven’t gained any weight back.  Kudos to me, right? 

I’ve also gotten a lot more physical activity in with hikes, going to the gym and walking Kaimana.  I live on this giant hill, so I’m pretty much forced to break a sweat on my daily walks with him.
One of my major goals for 2014 is to drop this weight for good and my end goal is to drop 100 pounds.  If I can do it in a year, great!  If I don’t meet that goal, I’ll still be far off to healthy than I was in October 2013 and plugging away at that 100 until I get there.
Hiking Koko Head at night was one of my 2013 highlights!

I gave myself a break for the holidays, but now they are over and it’s time to get down to business. 

Nom nom green monster smoothie!

First off to change my breakfast.  Geez, this sounds a little reminiscent to some previous weekly wishes back in the archives.  This time around though with the added boost from the “my heart just got ripped out of me” 23 pound loss, I’m fired up and ready to tackle this thing!  I’m wanting to get back to making green smoothies again as well as hard boiled eggs and overnight oats. NO silly, not all in one sitting – but those are some go-to breakfast options as well as an occasional open faced peanut butter banana sammy!
The beast I get to walk every day with Kaimana.

My goal for January is to his the gym at least three times a week (doing cardio and strength training) IN ADDITION TO my daily walks with the cutie patootie doxbull of mine, Kaimana.

I won’t commit to how often I’ll be posting on my progress – but know you’ll be hearing about the ups and downs more frequently than not.
This girl's workout game face!

Cheers to an amazing 2014!
xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Good for you girl! You look great, and I can tell you are so much happier! The best is yet to come :)

  2. Thank you Carlisa!! We're always a work in progress and now I'm not giving up one more day to better my life.

  3. Oh thank you Amber! Yes - it is a 180 girl... and the song in my head goes a lil something like this... "ain't no stoppin us now... we're on the move!"

  4. Thanks love bug!!! I feel incredible :) I feel like ME!!

  5. Great job!! That's awesome progress and you look great!

  6. Sorry to hear about your breakup, but congrats on the weight loss. You look great.

  7. Oh - It is ok!! I am better for it :) And thank you, I feel amazing.


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