Valentine's Day with Date Vitation (+ a giveaway)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and its time to make yourself a love coupon book.

WAIT - HOLD THE FORT.... Aren't you single?  I know I know - I'm single.  Freshly single for that matter. So 1) why on earth would I be talking about Valentine's a month before; 2) and why on earth would I be talking about making a love coupon book?

Simply because Date Vitation has the cutest gift idea ever and they take the coupon book gift up to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL!  Serious business folks.  Not only can you pick out the types of dates (or services - such as breakfast in bed) you want to include in the coupon book, but you can also customize text and add in photos of yourself and the love coupon book receiver.

When I went through the site I was so pleased to find date ideas that really spoke to the love languages of my receiver.  I didn't have to settle for generic ideas, or typical ideas - but had options that were really personal and made the coupon book that much more special. For all of you SINGLE PEOPLE out there, Date Vitation is not just for couples - you can totally customize these coupon books for any of your loved ones, family and friends included (ie: look at all the fun dates me and my bestie are going on!!).
The best thing about this process is that you don't have to leave home to do it.  You can do it all from the comfort of your pajamas and bed - if you're so inclined!

I tried to think about my favorite part of this process, but I couldn't narrow it down.  From choosing the faces that would appear on the coupons, to the array of dates available, to the customized text and personal notes - love coupon books will never be the same again thanks to Date Vitation.

Date Vitation has been super sweet to the 91 Dash community and is offering $10 off of your purchase plus free shipping (a value of $13.50).  Make sure to use code 91DASH at check out (good until February 27, 2014).  And because Date Vitation is super OOBER sweet - they want to offer one of my amazing readers an opportunity to receive their own FREE coupon book!! How awesome is that!! Enter the giveaway below :) 

Disclaimer: I received a coupon code to create and receive a free love coupon book so that I could experience the company's website and process for their products. Opinions in this post are all my own.  I was not compensated for this post, however, it is offered to those that purchase the Ultimate sponsorship package on my sponsor page.
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  1. I keep seeing Datevitation on Groupon and always contemplate buying- it seems like such a fun idea for Valentine's Day!! May have to buy :)

  2. Well if you don't win the giveaway - def use the coupon code!!! It would be great for Valentine's Day - and the "dates" don't have to necessarily be things you spend money on but good 'ol lets call in sick and spend quality time together "dates"!

  3. Such a cute little surprise for a favorite family member or best friend if you're single!!! Even greater if you have a special person in your life!

  4. I know right... Super cute!!! I hope you entered the giveaway and get to make a book. If you don't win, you should definitely take the opportunity to use the coupon because it is such a great personal gift!


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