Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wow!  Some times I still have to take a step back and think, geez - what was I thinking these last few years.  I guess the twenties are truly meant for finding yourself. JOY GOALS?  Really, Aukele?  Yes!  If you need some background information on JOY, go ahead and read this post, Focusing on Joy.  It pretty much sets the tone for me, for 2014.

So how does one create JOY goals??  I was stumped, as well, for a little bit.  Then it dawned on me - that it needs to be appropriated from the source.  I don't know what your source of pure, true JOY is; but mine is Jesus.  I guess in a sense these JOY goals are truly spiritual goals that I'm setting for myself - but at the end of it all, the benefit is to live a life full of JOY.  So we'll stick with JOY goals, shall we?

  1. Trust in the Lord - Sometimes I still do not cast all my cares on Him; and I still hold back in letting everything go.  Trusting in the Lord with EVERYTHING is definitely a work in progress.  I know, though, that once I do - I will have peace and JOY in knowing that He is taking care of everything as long as I trust in Him, and follow His Word.
  2. Build my relationship with God - I need to seek Him more.  I need to talk to Him and listen to Him more.  I need to dedicate more time to praise Him and worship Him.
  3. Get connected in my Church
  4. Actively involve God in all my decisions.  This one kind of coincides with #1 and #2, but I just wanted to highlight it, because it is something that I truly want to work on this year.
Do you have any spiritual goals this year?  If so, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Wow so much of these are exactly like mine - My church left my hometown last year after sadly not making roots like it thought it would as it was my first ever church and the place I began my christian journey it's been really hard. I've often felt let down by it but God keeping drawing me back in. Currently trying to decide whether to move from England over to Wales (somewhere I've always wanted to live) and join the church in their campus there! Praying through this a lot in the last week.
    Hope you are doing well with your goals so far. Remember God has such a plan for your life, Trust him!

  2. Goal #1: That is so me! I am such a worrywart and I have the hardest time laying all my cares on the Lord, even though when I actually do I am much more at peace and better equipped to handle whatever is causing the worry. That's something that I need to work on, too.

    And I need to spend more time reading the Bible and reflecting on what I've read. I'm thinking about starting a Bible reading/devotional/prayer time journal. So, basically a spiritual journal. :)

    Good luck with your Joy Goals! :)

  3. I love these goals so much! I definitely need to set more spiritual goals. Only goal like that I set was to go to church every Sunday, but that's an easy one. The ones you listed are much more difficult and I need to work towards something like that.

  4. I'm sure He will lead you to where you need to be! Once you're there, get plugged in and connect so that others can help you stay accountable!! xoxo

  5. Yes - lets both make a conscious effort to cast ALL cares :)

  6. Great Chloe!!! I'm sure as you stretch yourself, God will make himself and his presence known in your life. My first step was to join a book study that my church offered. I've met some really amazing and inspiring women and it definitely helps! Get plugged in girl :)


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