5 Ways To Enjoy Your Me Time

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Growing up as an only child, I learned early on to be independent.  I learned to be comfortable doing things on my own, and spending time with myself.  As I got older, I craved that ME time more and more.  When I left Hawaii to go to college in Oregon I had a ton of ME time on my hands and it was quite hard to transition back to living with family when I came back home.

While I absolutely adore spending time with my family and friends; I absolutely, 100% LOVE my time to myself and need to do something independently at least a few times a week.  After taking some time for myself I feel rejuvenated as if the reset button were pressed; I feel focused and productive; I feel like I've learned new things about myself and developed more of who I am; I feel like I've had time to get lost in my thoughts and had time to think about different aspects of my life; I feel like I've had time to process situations in life and plan out a way to work through them; and most importantly, after taking care of me, I feel better when spending time with others.

Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy my ME time, and take myself on a date.

1. Target - I mean, seriously guys, every girl takes herself to Target.  I love getting lost in that store, and walking every single aisle.  If I'm in the rush I'll usually do the main aisle around the store and then go to a specific area if I need to.  Favorite aisles include: women's clearance, small gifts in the party section (can't I buy those for myself), and kitchen wares (oh, a case of the food blogger flu).

2. Starbucks - I could literally be here for hours at a time.  Perfect place to plan out life, write blog posts, work on your online business, read a book, people watch - the list goes on!

3. Spa - Pretty self explanatory, right?  It is always nice to take some me time to get pampered and get lost in your thoughts (or in a magazine).  Pedicures, facials, waxing, massages.  It's just nice to have someone do something for you, for a change!

4. Drive - Granted I have some pretty scenic views living in Hawaii, but I love to just take a drive and get lost in the music.  It's a sure-fire way for me to clear my head and press that reset button.  I'm one of those people who gets bummed out if I have to take someone somewhere when I was looking forward to one of those head clearing sessions.  It's like when you have a craving and can't eat what you want.  You don't stop thinking about it until you get it.

5. Farmer's Market - Much like Target, I love to just walk around a Farmer's Market and find all types of different goodies you don't usually find at a supermarket.  I love scoring deals and trying new foods to tell everyone about.  I'm definitely one of those people that like to shop on my own so that I can take my time and not feel like I have to rush for someone else.

How often do you take your ME time?  What things do you like to do?
xoxo, Aukele
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  1. Nothing says 'me time' like Shopkicking in Target! Love my Shopkick app and the gift cards I've gotten from it! :) I'm a big reader, so anytime I can spend reading on my nook is very pleasant me time.

  2. I have too much time to myself, since my fiance is stationed overseas and my daughter is with her dad ~50% of the time. I play video games, read lots and lots of blogs & books, catch up on tv shows, and take realllly long baths.

  3. I could wander Target for hours and hours. There's always something to find!

  4. I love wandering farmers markets & Target is an obvious "DUH!"...I spend way too much of my paychecks there. I should get a Target tax refund!! That's a movement I should think of starting...ANYWHO, I also don't mind taking myself out to lunch or reading in a coffee shop. I actually kind of enjoy it!

  5. So I've had that darn app for the LONGEST - and have yet to remember to use it!!! Thanks for the reminder Ellie!

  6. Ugh, I wish I had a bath tub to soak in!! That sounds amazing. On a trip to Vegas, I stayed at the Mandalay Bay and they had soak tubs and a tv in the bathroom. You know I got myself some Lush products and had a grand time watching a romantic comedy sitting in a hot tub!

  7. ALWAYS!! Plus, when you have the RED card (I have the debit one), you're saving 5% every time!! Always a sale :) haha.

  8. There you go Kayli!! I love finding new coffee shops too as well as the regulars.

  9. love this list! my "me" time is usually spent at work, but any chance i get to go to target by myself is absolutely taken. my favorite thing to do though is take myself on a "lunch date" by myself, maybe with a book to keep me company.

  10. Target and Starbucks are two of my favorite places too! I could spend all day there!


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