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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ladies - Valentine's day is NEXT FRIDAY!!  Whether single, in a relationship, married, divorced, widowed - whatever; I'm sure we all will be looking tip top for the big love fest day.  What better to get a head start with some IG INSPIRATION?  Go and follow these IG accounts below for some makeup, hair, nail and outfit inspiration.

 Who are your favorite makeup, hair, nail and outfit accounts to follow on IG?  Let us know in the comments below so that we all can spread the love!!!

xoxo, Aukele
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  1. I love braided headbands! They're so cute. :)

  2. I know. I have yet to pull them off. Maybe I'll do some practicing.

  3. I actually don't follow any instagram accounts that are centered around beauty or hair - I'm a pretty simple gal, I guess! But still, loving all the inspiration.

  4. Truth be told... I didn't purposefully follow IGs like these till I thought of the post idea - trying to contribute to the Valentine spirit! Lol. It's fun to check though when you want to spice things up!! Maybe I should do hashtag ideas instead of accounts next time???


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